A child-friendly house

A child-friendly house

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To avoid being overwhelmed by children, arrange your home in a way that creates good habits that will not only save you time, but will also free your mind.

Secure the kitchen

Ikea The kitchen is the most requested room in the house and also the place of all dangers. Between the hobs, accessible storage, sharp utensils, etc., this risk zone must be protected by door locks and drawer locks.

Stimulate their imagination

Ikea Without invading the entire living space of the house, reserve a corner of the kitchen or living room to arrange the toys. Under your benevolent gaze, your child will play more easily in the kitchen than alone in his room.

Make equipment easily accessible

Ikea Not easy to go and wash your hands when you are as tall as three apples. The solution is to put a step ladder in front of the sink so that your child can easily access the tap.

Adapt the furniture

Ikea It is more expensive, but it is worth it when you are a large family: ask for a small piece of equipment that adapts to the size of the children. Washbasin, toilet, bathtub or shower can be installed at any height.

Provide storage at strategic locations

Ikea Ranger is necessary, so be sure to strategically install your furniture. Arrange a shelf at the entrance of the house to store the shoes, a coat rack nearby will create easily identifiable areas and remember that good habits are acquired from an early age.

Provide fun storage

Ikea To encourage your toddlers to tidy up while combining the practical side with the fun side. For this, install coat hooks at their height so that they can hang their clothes, have, always at the right height, storage baskets in cheerful and fresh colors.

Securing risk areas

Ikea Equip the bathtub and shower with non-slip mats. Similarly, if you have stairs, equip the passage with a specific barrier that helps protect your child from possible falls.

Protect the corner of the furniture

Ikea We don't think about it often enough, but the angles of some pieces of furniture are dangerous areas present in all rooms of the house. Rest assured, there is no need to renew your furniture but instead adopt corner protectors to secure each piece of furniture.