The office is discreet in the living room

The office is discreet in the living room

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Not always easy to find the ideal location for your workspace. If a room is not dedicated to it, the best is still to integrate it into the living room. And not to take up too much space, you are given 10 ideas for offices to combine practicality and discretion. Take note !!

A small cabinet

Bemz In a corner of your living room, install a mini secretary. When it is unfolded, you can easily work on your projects. The rest of the day, you store your files out of sight. And it becomes a pretty decorative piece.


La Redoute Interiors Create an original workspace! With its soft and light design, this desk and its hanging shelves adapt perfectly to a living room. Air, it does not hinder circulation. And with its storage, it will go unnoticed.

A removable shelf

Ikea Try a desk with a sliding top! Open, it becomes a stable workspace for your laptop and practical for storing your paperwork. When you're done, it returns to the cabinet, out of sight. To log out in no time.

Everything is in uniformity

Ikea Thanks to smart storage, you create an organized stay that allows you to work more naturally at home. And to hide everything when the day is over, focusing on the homogeneity of the whole.

Continuing with the TV stand

Poliform Still in the spirit of uniformity, set up your desk on a piece of furniture reminiscent of others. Here, this system offers the most total freedom of composition. All modules are assorted and have their specific function.

We play on transparency

La Redoute Interiors In tempered glass, this desk adopts a definitely modern and refined style perfect for a modern-looking living room. It blends in with the decor and even becomes invisible if desired as soon as the job is finished.

Console style

La Redoute Interiors Another way to make the office disappear in a living room when you are not using it: we choose a piece of furniture that does not have this basic function. A console will be integrated into the living room but can be used as an additional office as soon as you wish.

In a corner

Peintures Julien If you have a small recess in your living room, take the opportunity to install the office there. Most ? It nicely dresses a space that could have remained undeveloped. One way to occupy every corner of your home.


Fly And if you bet on a real desk, the ideal is to choose it in total agreement with the rest of the decoration. In a Scandinavian style, rather minimalist, it adapts perfectly to the room. Here, its ultra-thin base in black lacquered iron lets the light circulate.


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