Decorative music for teens

Decorative music for teens

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Whether pop, rock, house or R&B, one thing is certain, music has a place of choice among teens. They listen to it all day long, when they wake up in the morning, on transport, playing sports or in their room, without counting on those who are learning an instrument. In short, all the reasons are good to make music, the common thread of the decor of their room. Demonstration.

Musical patterns

Fly ### Headphones, a musical note, the silhouette of a person dancing, a guitar: so many patterns that alone evoke the musical world so cherished by teenagers. Here, this carpet has the rhythm in the skin!

Partitions hanging on the wall

Ikéa ### Here is a musical production specially dedicated to the most romantic of young music lovers: a series of scores hung on the wall. It's original and poetic…

Vinyls are decorative

Leroy Merlin ### In this teenage bedroom focused on the "seventies" spirit, with a strong dominance of pop red and graphic patterns, vinyls, cult objects of DJs of the time, subtly brighten up the walls. A freshly successful disco flashback. We love !

A DJ corner

Ikea ### Each teenager has a group, a singer, a musical genre, a series of titles and favorite songs. Inevitably, in his room, he improvises as a DJ with a mixer, a HI-FI system, a computer, speakers, a carefully selected playlist, a collection of CDs or old LPs. And all this little world reflects as it should the palette of its musical influences in the decor…