Unusual toilets to recreate at home!

Unusual toilets to recreate at home!

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The toilets are no longer on the decoration side! On the contrary, it is in this small room that we sometimes play the card of originality. The result ? Unusual toilets both in decoration and in the forms to be discovered in images to recreate them at home!

A frog shaped bowl

PointWC ### It is not only the decoration that can make the room of the toilets original! Indeed, at PointWC, you will find a toilet bowl dedicated to children which takes the shape of a very nice frog! Guaranteed effect!

A garden spirit in the toilet

PointWC ### To make the toilet an original space, you can choose a kind of flower pot as a sink. Your toilets then transform into a garden by combining wood and the color green for the rest of the decor. Choose a geometric bowl that will make you forget its function.

Toilet paper on the walls

Koziel ### To bring originality to the room, Christophe Koziel offers a wallpaper that uses rolls of pink toilet paper. We then line the whole room with these rollers to create a truly unusual effect.

Disappearing toilets

Espace Aubade ### So that toilets don't look like toilets, we choose a bowl that disappears in a sink cabinet with very designer lines. The atmosphere in the room becomes very chic.