IFA 2014: what does tomorrow's household appliance have in store for us?

IFA 2014: what does tomorrow's household appliance have in store for us?

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A few days ago, the IFA 2014, the fair dedicated to technological innovations, ended in Berlin. This year again, the home appliance sector was honored. The opportunity to present to you the new products and technologies of tomorrow that manufacturers are preparing to market. Washing machine, hob, smart and connected ovens, cordless vacuums, portable steam generators, ecological appliances… you will no longer see the future the same way!

An ecological washing machine

Siemens A true concentrate of innovation, the Isensoric washing machine from Siemens aims to complete washing while saving energy. The I-Dos automatic dosing system calculates the amount of detergent suitable for the load of laundry. The water pressure and the weight of the laundry are provided by the WaterPerfectPlus; All that remains is to provide the amount of water required for each wash depending on the soiling (aquasensor) with the anti-stain system which analyzes the task at the molecular level, and refines the machine settings. Siemens, iSensoric WM14W690FF washing machine, price: 999.99 €

A connected hob

Whirlpool In addition to the many connected home accessories, you will now have to rely on the Cook Top cooktop from Whirlpool. Connected to other connected household appliances, the Cook Top plate is capable of displaying information relating to the other elements of the house on the hob: washing machine, food left in the fridge, etc.

Cordless vacuum cleaner

Messe Berlin New in the vacuum cleaner world, LG is launching the CordZero 2in1 vacuum cleaner, a canister vacuum cleaner that dispenses with wire to provide freedom of movement for the user. Operating on battery, like a stick vacuum, the device adopts the shape and design of the most recent models.

The new generation robot vacuum cleaner

Samsung Designed by Samsung, the Powerbot VR9000 vacuum cleaner is a new generation robot cleaner. It is equipped with Digital Inverter technology, CycloneForce technology which prevents clogging of the filter and a large brush to cover the largest surfaces. The device is also equipped with sensors at the front which allow it to avoid even the smallest obstacles.

A portable steam generator

Messe Berlin Designed by Laurastar, Lift is an original and innovative steam generator that combines all the performance of quality steam ironing with a unique compact design that makes it nomadic.

A range of colorful freezers and refrigerators

Liebherr In addition to energy efficient refrigerators and freezers, the manufacturer Liebherr has distinguished itself from its competitors by offering a range of refrigerators and freezers with an elegant design. The ColourLine series offers optimal comfort and is available in six trendy colors for an incomparable aesthetic in modern kitchens.

An intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

Miele Productive, intuitive and easy to use, the Miele Scout RX1 robot vacuum cleaner has 4 cleaning programs, and moves independently while locating in the different rooms to treat a maximum of area. Thanks to the Corner function, cleaning is accentuated in places that are difficult to access, along walls for example. In addition, this intelligent vacuum cleaner offers a performance of 150 m² and a reduced charging time to treat all your floors in a minimum of time. Miele, RX 1 robot vacuum cleaner, from € 530.

BlueAir Eco10 air filter

BlueAir ### An eco-efficient ultra-efficient air filter, the Eco10 air filter from the specialist of air purifiers and fans Blue Air, is capable of cleaning the air in a 100 m² room in just 12 minutes . Plus, it would consume 95% less energy than other air purifiers in its class.

An electro-intelligent oven

Siemens Siemens offers us a whole new range of cooking with the traditional oven and the IQ700 steam oven. Connected and controllable thanks to the "Home Connect" concept, this oven can also cook on four levels in a perfectly homogeneous way and without mixtures of odors thanks to the 4D fan principle.


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