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Storage dares to color

Storage dares to color

Back to school is often synonymous with storage! But so that the latter is not monotonous and even plays the fun card, furniture and accessories dare the color. Result: the storage units become splashes of color that brighten up the house and even make you want to put your things in order.

Colorful lockers

Ikea To transform a simple open storage unit, simply add colored storage boxes to the lockers. The good news is that you can then change the lockers, but also the color as much as you want.

Colorful industrial

Castorama The industrial style never ceases to seduce our interiors. But to play the card of good humor at the start of the school year, we prefer metal lockers that display the color. To stay in the industrial spirit, we put on frank and primary colors.

Colorful cupboards

La Redoute Do you want storage that is the star of your room? For example, opt for three closets that you will paint in three different shades of blue for an ultra-decorative shade that adorns the wall and puts a good mood in storage.

Some colorful drawers

Alinéa To twister a storage unit, sometimes just a little color is enough. So you can opt for a piece of furniture that simply has a few splashes of color like these drawers in yellow, plum and gray.

Colorful interiors

Paragraph and to bring the color into your storage furniture, you can simply choose to color the interior of the locker or cupboard. You then offer a new dimension to your furniture by bringing it depth.

Colorful doors

Ikea TV furniture is now a real storage module that sits in the living room. So, we don't hesitate to bet on a few colorful doors among the classic storage doors.

Pop furniture

Fly Do you want to play the pop style card? Then dare the color boldly by betting on a piece of furniture in total colorful look. And to top it off, don't be afraid to choose a very bright color.

Colorful kitchens

Ikea It's not just the living room storage that changes color! The high cupboards of the kitchen also play the colorful card to give pep to this room with simplicity since it will be enough to change the doors of your cupboards.

The colorful bathroom

Castorama In the bathroom, it's the same! We choose washbasin cabinets and bathroom storage that assume very bright colors that wake up the room in the blink of an eye.