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Occasional furniture to organize the kitchen

Occasional furniture to organize the kitchen

The main quality of a kitchen is its practicality! Indeed, not only must it be well laid out but also well organized to facilitate meal preparation. And it's not always easy when you lack space. Suddenly, to better organize, we use the occasional furniture that follows your desires.

A multifunctional accent piece

Fly Thanks to this practical piece of furniture, you will not only be able to store additional accessories but also offer yourself an additional work space. At the end of the preparation, you can even sit down thanks to high stools.

A small practical piece of furniture

Maisons du monde Small in size, this piece of furniture slides into a corner to provide you with an additional work surface. We store a few accessories in its drawers and place the more bulky items on the shelf below.

A tableware service

La Redoute Put aside the dishes you will need for your meal by placing them on a practical trolley that will even accompany you to the dining room if necessary to help you set the table.

A service under a work plan

Ikea For storage that follows your needs, you can replace a traditional piece of furniture with a trolley that you can slide under your worktop. Handy when you need ingredients close to the hob, for example.

An accessory cabinet for accessories

Ikea You don't have enough space for your kitchen accessories and other condiments? Place a narrow shelf against a wall to easily store the things you need.

A shelf for household appliances

Purpose And if you need to install some household appliances or bottles of wine, also bet on a wall shelf that will be multifunctional and that will allow you to have everything on hand.

A cutting board space

Ikea Why not use a small piece of furniture for cutting vegetables and meat? It will suffice to place a cutting board on a piece of furniture. If you choose casters, you can even move it closer to the oven when necessary.

An additional piece of furniture to replace a piece of furniture

Fly In a small space, there is not always room to install real kitchen furniture. We then replace them with a small extra piece of furniture that will allow us to store some devices like the microwave.

Several accent pieces

Ikea And for a tailor-made arrangement, nothing like multiplying the occasional furniture! You will then get a decoration of flea market spirit which will also be very practical.

A wall shelf

Castorama Very practical, the wall shelf is placed on a kitchen wall and acts as an additional worktop. In addition, we can eat quickly!

Shelves and bars

Paragraph To store your kitchen utensils, nothing like a bar on the splashback to have them close at hand. For your spices and other pots, install a shelf above the worktop.

A central island

Farrow Ball The central island is also very practical for making life easier in the kitchen. With storage available and electrical outlets to plug in your small appliance, you are well equipped!

The table that goes in and out

Leroy Merlin Leroy Merlin saves your life with this table integrated into the storage unit. You can drag it to cook on it or just eat it. Its advantage: it stores and does not take up space!

The side bar

Leroy Merlin To create an additional work plan, choose to install an extra bar on which you can also take your meals.

Design trolleys

Alinéa To keep the contemporary style you have chosen in your kitchen, we suggest that you opt for these funny, sleek and design trolleys. Black, white, or yellow, it's up to you!

The summer buffet

Barcler Summer kitchens are fine, but they still have to be furnished. Opt for this small buffet adapted to spend the winter outside.

Rustic furniture

Maison du monde This extra piece of furniture goes well with a rustic style kitchen. We then store plates, recipe books or even the jar reserve.

A wall locker

IKEA If your wall units are not enough to store all your provisions and your dishes, add a long and thin cupboard in which your glasses and plates will find a place of choice.

Multifunctional bins

IKEA To get an extra cupboard in your kitchen, we suggest you opt for these bins that take place in plain sight. Perfect for ecological sorting!