Basins for small bathrooms

Basins for small bathrooms

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Save a few extra square centimeters by freeing up space with the XXS small bathroom basins! Shallow, playing with angles and heights, they adapt to all decor situations and allow you a more airy and less cluttered layout! Visit of 10 small bathrooms…

A small basin like a large basin

Ikea This basin accommodates two large drawers for storing everyday products. Classic in style, it has nothing to envy of large bathroom sinks.

An ultra light basin

Ikea Less is more! A motto that makes sense here. The bathroom sink is simply fitted with a wooden shelf to put storage pockets and hang the towels.

A small malignant basin

Ikea Equipped with hooks for hanging towels, washcloth; a tray to accommodate everyday products; and a soap dish so as not to clutter the only space available near the tap, this sink is at the top of the equipment!

A shallow basin

Ikea When the bathroom is too narrow, prefer a shallow basin for the benefit of the width! Here is an idea which makes recipe for preserving a beautiful space without too encroaching on the width of the bathroom.

Corner vanity unit

Leroy Merlin Another way to save space when it runs out is to use angles. An arrangement that frees up space for a more fluid circulation.

A bathroom sink with rounded corners

Leroy Merlin Two reasons to give in to rounded corners in small bathrooms! First of all for safety: unlike sharp angles, rounded angles will avoid many bruises. And secondly, the round angles make the eyes slide for a more fluid overall vision of the bathroom.

A square and raised washbasin cabinet

Leroy Merlin Visually free up the floor space with the hanging basins. Lighter, it is also easier to maintain the bathroom.

A basin that blends into the decor

Leroy Merlin Play the camouflage card by betting on tone on tone! White walls, white washbasin and white washbasin cabinet lighten the bathroom.

A vanity unit that bets on storage

Ikea This basin combines both open storage on the side, closed below, but also on the sink thanks to clever tray and hooks to be placed directly on the edges.

A hidden basin

La Redoute At first glance we do not notice that it is a basin, and yet the tap proves that it is an integral part of the bathroom. In bi-material, it brings a design touch in addition to taking up little space.

A matching bathroom

Alinéa With perfectly similar furniture but with different functions, the bathroom is small and practical. One of them is designed to accommodate the washbasin, which blends easily into the wooden decor.

A mini square basin

Castorama Small and angular, everything is planned so that the basin takes up the least space possible. And it's mission successful when we learn that it measures only 27 cm high and 29 cm in length and width.

A mini sink for a mini bathroom

Scandinavian cocktail Nothing is more practical than a bathroom sink that acts as a cupboard. And even if it is small, the closet still offers a nice storage space.

A mini so green basin

Go Sanit In addition to being small, the loose design of this basin gives it a dynamic movement and makes it a unique decorative object. Practical and aesthetic!

Great style in a small bathroom

Ikea It is not because our bathroom is small that it should be neglected in terms of decoration and practicality. You have to be all the more vigilant about the layout of it. With a small raised basin like here, you can also slide in whatever you want thanks to two almost invisible drawers.

Saving space in finesse

La Redoute This simple and functional piece of bamboo furniture lends itself well to the decor of shower rooms. With a practical storage volume to receive your stacks of terry towels and other bathroom accessories. We find it perfect!

The bathroom in the bedroom

Leroy Merlin With a totally open space, we managed to fit the bathroom into the bedroom, and we even offered ourselves the luxury of a large bathtub! The small basin finds its place on the wall opposite the bed!

A small basin placed on the floor

Leroy Merlin This very nice granite basin brings a natural decorative touch to the bathroom and does not take up space. All the advantages put on its side, it convinces us that we can combine style and discretion. Owl !


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