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40 do-it-yourself storage

40 do-it-yourself storage

Convert the Knagglig from ikea into an ottoman with storage


Customize the Knagglig box from Ikea and, using a small sheepskin, transform it into an ottoman or footstool which will also serve as storage. This affordable Ikea hack can be reused throughout the house as extra storage: bedside table in the bedroom, pouffe in the living room, laundry basket in the bathroom…

Headboard storage

IKEA / Joakim Persson

If there is one room in the house where you never seem to have enough storage, it is the bedroom. With twelve TRONES shoe cabinets from Ikea attached together, create a headboard with storage for your pajamas, books, magazines or other accessories. Child's play !

TV cabinet shoe racks

IKEA / Joakim Persson

This is a simple way to create a very designer TV stand. Attach about 6 TRONES shoe cabinets from Ikea to your wall and give them the desired shape. You will get a practical storage for your CDs and DVDs in the living room.

Storage for shoes in PVC tubes

Leroy Merlin

Fancy a shoe holder in the shape of tubes? Nothing's easier ! In PVC tubes 10 cm in diameter, cut pieces 30 cm long. Paint them in the color of your choice. Stack and fix, it's weighed! A magnificent designer piece of furniture to store your shoes in the hall.

Flower pots diverted for storage


Attach together a few pots of flowers that you hang next to your bathroom mirror, ideal for storing your makeup.

Hanging Mason Jars in the bathroom

The DIY Playbook / Casey

Using a wooden board and a few glass jars, create this beautiful storage for your bathroom. Source: The DIY Playbook

Optimize your wardrobe with storage baskets

IKEA / Sandra Werud

Using office items, hooks and steel baskets, optimize the interior of your cabinet for organized storage.

Kitchen elements in the bathroom


Who says kitchen elements are only for culinary use? Use aluminum shelves and support bars to create nice storage in your bathroom.

Hair dryer dispenser


Use supports initially intended for soap dispensers to fix your hair dryer and straightener or other curler to the wall. The good tip: plan a container just below to store the cables!

Homemade storage: hanging kitchen jars

Better Home and Gardens

A great idea to save space and store supplies or foodstuffs: kitchen jars hanging on a shelf. To make this DIY, simply nail the jar lid under a piece of furniture or a shelf. Then, screw the jar to the attached lid. And that's all ! * More info on this DIY here: Better Home and Gardens + another detailed tutorial here *

Homemade storage: spice racks for books

Domestic Simplicity

So that children's books don't hang around everywhere but can be easily accessed, this hack is ideal! Simple spice shelves fixed at the bottom of a wall, and here is a homemade mini-library! Another budget Ikea storage hack. * More info on this DIY: Domestic Simplicity *

Homemade storage: a DIY balloon box

Family Handy Man

In the list of complicated things to store, the balloons arrive in good position! But with a wooden case (or a market crate), a drill, and elastic wire, you can easily make smart and practical storage! * More info on this DIY: Family Handy Man *

Homemade storage: rolls of toilet paper to store cables

One Good Thing

Say goodbye to the box where all the cables get tangled! With rolls of toilet paper customized with a marker and masking tape, you can store and organize all the electrical wires in the house. * More info on this DIY: One Good Thing *

Homemade storage: wall pencil holders


If your family has an artistic soul, you often have to look for solutions for storing brushes and pencils. Pots are good, but it quickly clogs the office. So that your creativity has room to express itself, this DIY is perfect! Collect cans and a large board, and attach the jars to it (either with strong glue or by nailing them). You can then organize your storage by adding labels. * More info on this DIY: HGTV *

Homemade storage: a garden tool rack


A smart DIY to store all your garden tools or your broom cupboard: cut a PVC pipe (DIYers often have pipe pipe scraps for example), and screw it to the wall. For the more organized, we can then note the place of each tool on scotch tape. * More info on this DIY: Pinterest *

Homemade storage: a rod for hanging household products

Apartment Therapy

Ah, the happiness of the household products cupboard ... Always crowded, often dirty, in short, not practical! Forget all that with a very simple DIY: install a curtain rod (or use the handle of an old broom) in your closet to hang all the sprayers. The bottom of the cupboard can then be used to store brushes and other utensils in easily removable boxes or baskets. If you don't want to make holes, think of the extendable shower curtain rod, which gets stuck between the two walls! Clever storage at a lower cost. * More info on this DIY: Apartment Therapy *

Homemade storage: a wall-mounted glasses holder

Board by design - Etsy

Simple and beautiful! To store your sunglasses, make a support by piercing a board and attaching a cord or elastic. Who said storage doesn't mean decoration? * More info on this DIY: Board by design - Etsy *

Homemade storage: a palette for pool equipment

Funky junk interiors

The pool is great, the accessories lying around, much less! So to never again look for the pool broom or bang your foot against the little one's water pistol, use an old palette to store everything! * More info on this DIY: Funky junk interiors *

Homemade storage: a ceiling rail

The Family Handyman

Well, this DIY needs to be a good handyman, but it is so smart that we did not resist putting it in our selection! This involves building ceiling rails (using three planks), then stuck in plastic bins. Super practical for garage storage! Do not be discouraged, the tutorial explains each step step by step! * More info on this DIY and stages: The Family Handyman *

A magnetic board to store your varnishes

Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

If like me you are a manicure fan and tend to accumulate dozens or even hundreds of nail polishes. Here is a storage idea that you might like: the magnetic board. It's simple, you just stick magnets on each of your varnishes and place them on the board. * More info on this DIY: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily *

A recuperated dressing room

A Pair and a Spare

The dressing room is no longer a dream reserved for fashionistas, the proof with this owl DIY made with two ladders and a few wooden boards. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it! This dressing room will allow you to gain storage space in your bedroom or entrance. * More info on this DIY: A Pair and a Spare *

A leather wall hanging

Alexa Hotz

Tired of wasting endless time searching for your kitchen knives or scissors? One solution, the wall hanging. First step, cover your wooden board with leather and secure it with thumbtacks. Then cut a long rectangular piece of leather (smaller than the length of the wood), place it horizontally and secure it with thumbtacks. To allow you to insert your kitchen equipment, every one centimeter attach a thumbtack to the piece. * More info on this DIY: Remodelista *

A suitcase on feet

Beehive Blog

With a little time and a lot of imagination, it is possible to make many decorative, pretty and practical objects. The proof with this small coffee table designed using table legs and a small suitcase. Nice isn't it? * More info on this DIY: Beehive Blog *

A wall storage flap

Creating Really Awesome Free Things

Often the equipment used punctually tends to pile up in the garage. As a result, the room is congested and it becomes difficult to move around. To overcome this hellish situation, why not create your own storage space. An old shutter and a can of paint and voila! * More info on this DIY: Creating Really Awesome Free Things *

Storage for supplies

Aunt Peaches

It is not always easy to store your supplies properly, so it is better to have efficient and functional storage to prevent them from lying around in the house. The idea? Tailor-made storage made with cardboard and sticky tapes of various colors. Also consider installing cardboard toilet paper rolls to properly hold your pens. * More information on this DIY: Aunt Peaches *

Mismatched jars to tidy up the desk


Likewise, if you have a little time in front of you, take a few mismatched jars and containers, a little wire, a wooden board and make this beautiful composition. * More info on this DIY: HGTV *

Hanging storage boxes


If on the contrary, you can't stand to see your cluttered desk, you can also make these storage modules to hang on the edge of your desk. Using your drill, make holes in a tin can, a loaf pan, a coffee can or any other object of your choice. Using a color spray can, paint the inside of your containers and clips. Hang your clips on your boxes, and there you go! * More info on this DIY: Brit *

A graphic jewelry box


To keep your jewelry and accessories for a long time, it is better to pamper them. To prevent them from being damaged, we offer this wooden storage box personalized with colored paint. Original and graphic, it has it all! * More info on this DIY: Brit *

A custom shoe box

Sponge design

In the same spirit, know that you can also personalize an old shoebox using Canson leaves, a little time and imagination. Attempted ? * More info on this DIY: Design Sponge *

An unusual coat rack

A Little Glass Box

Another idea to remember, this funny coat rack created using an old wooden board and a few hangers. Simple and clever, we love this wall storage! * More info on this DIY: A Little Glass Box *

A multifunctional headboard for storing your magazines and bedside books

Hitta Hem

Often, books and magazines tend to pile up in our bedroom. So if you do not have a bedside table consider making a headboard in which you will create a storage space. * More info on this DIY: Hitta Hem *

A handmade laundry basket

IHeart Organizing

The most skillful of their hand and those who have the creative fiber will quickly fall in love with this sublime laundry basket. Certainly it is not the easiest to achieve but with a little patience, a plastic basket and rope you will easily achieve this result. We challenge you to make it happen! * More info on this DIY: IHeart Organizing *

An easy-to-make reversible basket

Haberdashery Fun

For your small accessories intended to finish in the bathroom, you can also bet on this reversible basket in which you can put makeup, soap or other toiletries. A few scraps of cotton fabric, a lining, a cutter and a sewing machine… you are ready to start this DIY. * More info on this DIY: Haberdashery Fun *

A storage shelf

Home Deco 2 U

The simplest ideas are often the best. The proof with this very clever storage shelf made using a wooden board and storage boxes. Mini budget, maximum effect! * More info on this DIY: Home Deco 2 U *

Decorative books that hide a clever storage

Sponge design

A smart idea: this book-shaped storage box. Decorative and practical, to make it you will need a cardboard box, a little paint and a sheet of paper decorated with the motif of your choice. Simply sublime! * More info on this DIY: Design Sponge *

Storage for envelopes

Style by Emily Henderson

It is always useful to have storage near your desk. For the occasion, we offer this wall storage to accommodate your envelopes. You are of a disorderly nature, go quickly on the Blog Style by Emily Henderson and discover how to make, step by step, this nice tutorial. * More info on this DIY: Style by Emily Henderson *

Do-it-yourself dividers

Vanilla Craft Blog

In recent times, fashion is polaroid photos. Also, for the occasion we decided to offer you an idea to store your favorite photos. The idea: dividers made using a sheet and a pen, in the format of your favorite photos. * More info on this DIY: Vanilla Craft Blog *

Smart door storage

Sponge design

Tired of wasting time looking for your keys or phone? Make a storage rack for doors. For this you will mainly need pieces of felt, a pair of scissors and your sewing machine. A place for everything and everything in its place! * More info on this DIY: Design Sponge *

Hanging storage for toilet paper

Make It And Love It

To prevent your rolls of toilet paper from cluttering up the reduced space in your room, a trick is to make a storage for toilet paper. Start by measuring the circumference of your rollers. Double this number and add 15 cm. Do not forget to also measure the width of the rollers and add 5 cm to the measurement found. When your calculations are done, cut two pieces corresponding to the measurement of the first and second calculations. Then place your strips right sides together and sew the sets, leaving a margin and an opening at one end. Cut the four corners being careful not to cut the wires. Turn the fabric over and make two small pieces of fabric which you will then sew on your first creation. The last step is to sew in the middle of the first creation so as to leave two openings. You just have to place your rolls of toilet paper. Double the circumference of your rollers and add 15 cm. * More info on this DIY: Make It And Love It *