Awnings and awnings sublimate the house

Awnings and awnings sublimate the house

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In addition to their initial function, awnings and canopies have never been so trendy and become essential elements for the facade of your home. Today, these pieces come in many styles. Traditional, rustic or modern, there is something for everyone. A quick overview of our favorites.


Garden Street In a fairly similar style, this awning plays with almost transparency and blends with the decor. With its clean lines and design, your entrance will be well protected. For a subtle and delicate style.


Brown and Doutté Change of register with this rather classic canopy in wrought iron and glass top. The scrolls and other details give it an old look but its very clear aesthetic gives your home a very current look.


ABT Construction Bois To protect your front door, nothing better than a canopy reminiscent of the roof of a small house. Ideal for marrying a rather traditional facade or countryside.


Jardipolys In fir and polycarbonate, this inclined and modern canopy blends perfectly with a chic rustic decor. With its wooden set, it gives the facade of your house a very contemporary style.


La Forge d'Art With its metal structure, worked in the old style, and supported by consoles made of a scroll decoration, this marquise with three slopes in wrought iron and glass is the ideal element to associate with your family house.


Brown and Doutté With its angle iron and wrought iron frame, this marquise is quite similar to the previous one. However, its flat and straight glass top gives it a more refined look. Ideal for lovers of minimalist results.


IAM Design A simple glass top suspended with steel tensioners is enough to give style to your entry. And even with its ultra-thin look, the canopy meets all requirements, particularly in terms of security and withstands snow, wind and other bad weather.


Jardipolys This wooden entrance door canopy has a modern look and will give charm to your exterior. Its straight lines associated with its slanting blades allow the rays of the sun to pass through gently.


Tender Group With its elegant and rounded shape, and devoid of any visible hardware, this system made with aluminum profiles and transparent acrylic plates, not only ensures a shelter function for your entrance but also becomes a beautiful element of decoration.