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The naturalist style is gaining ground in decoration

The naturalist style is gaining ground in decoration

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Flowers, animals, stars ensure the show in your interior. Like a cabinet of curiosities, this trend allows you to exhibit your favorite objects. Taking root in the 18th century, naturalism symbolizes nature above all. Back in fashion, know that there are several ways to appropriate it. From the simple display case to the drawer unit through the textiles, discover our decorative selection.

In total look

Maisons du Monde As a passionate collector, you will certainly be seduced by furniture inspired by the naturalist trend. The weekly cabinet allows you to file in drawers, to display your most admirable pieces inside the windows or even to draw beautiful boards to put your things.

We adopt an accessory

AM PM Beyond furniture, the equipment of a naturalist is just as inspiring. And the key element to display the spirit is the glass globe. To put on the desk or a chest of drawers, it highlights a particular object!

Even textiles lend themselves to play!

ComingB Here, the cushions with original patterns by Jean Lurçat, ceramic painter and creator is an original way to adopt this trend. "Feuillages et chardons", "Libellule de Castille" and "Soleil et Lune" come out of the artist's collections and poems to come and stay with you!

We equip like a pro

Maisons du Monde Accessories also create style. So here is what an experienced naturalist needs: magnifying glass, globe, bell and cage help to establish your tendency

We turn the trend

ComingB Tap into the naturalist trend to store your jewelry in style, for example. For this, the essential little piece of furniture that is emulating this season is the showcase!

Dare stuffed animals

Bemz To go even further in this trend, hang real naturalized animals or a hunting trophy. Like a museum, it symbolizes the fragility of life.