10 storage spaces that do not take up space

10 storage spaces that do not take up space

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How to gain space without losing space? Here are ten smart ideas to expand your storage space without shattering your living space.

Separate the living room

Maisons du monde If you have a room that acts as both a living room and a dining room, you can opt for a room separation that will also act as storage.

Make the wall!

Nicolas Mathéus & Laurence Dougier / André Thoraval for Agence Double G As in this clever dining room, use the walls as storage for your books, your prettiest pieces of dishes, etc. Just install shelves that you paint in the same color as your walls for a more harmonious rendering. It's up to you to imagine a beautiful staging afterwards!

A clever coffee table

Miliboo Don't forget any nook! The coffee table can prove to be a great ally when it comes to hiding newspapers, books or bottles for the aperitif.

Make the most of the ceiling height

Castorama Because some kitchen utensils and some dishes are not used every day, they can be stored in less accessible places. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the full height of your kitchen.

Storage for a teenage bedroom

Gautier Children dream of these raised beds. So do not be asked to fulfill their wish, you will necessarily find your account thanks to the many storage spaces below.

Clever storage in the bathroom

Ikea A small bathroom must be practical and functional. Here, the storage space has been optimized under the sink thanks to a cabinet with drawers and two trolleys on casters. Discreet and well thought out, they are invisible when stored!

A double function bed

La Redoute There are sometimes unsuspected storage spaces like the trunk beds which allow the storage of bed linen and duvets, or even this bookcase bed. A clever way to free up space in your room.

An ultra functional laundry room

Ikea Better to invest an entire wall for storage than to multiply the small hiding places. Through shelves and storage baskets, you can store everything you need for laundry while making the space more pleasant and airy.

Display your treasures on shelves

La Redoute In a narrow entrance or above the kitchen furniture, install shelves that will run along the walls. If you do not take advantage of a significant depth, you will nevertheless have the length to display books, photos or even trinkets.


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