What are the trendy colors of back to school for the kitchen?

What are the trendy colors of back to school for the kitchen?

It's back to school. It's also time to update your kitchen. We take stock of the colors to adopt to feel better in the favorite room of the French. If color is important, so is the material. Discover the top trends for 2014.

Add a little cream

Kvik The Scandinavian brand also offers a so-called Crema color, softer and more romantic. Perfect for a kitchen that loves the country atmosphere while playing with contemporary lines.

Everything is in nature

Darty For open kitchens, natural tones such as gray, taupe or sand dominate. At Darty's, the spirit is resolutely "Nature". The façades with a shiny or matt lacquer finish give a more natural and fresh look.

The "industrial" effect

Darty The industrial style has not said its last word. In fashion, urban cuisine combines gray and mineral colors with aged metal and stainless steel. It will take on a brilliant appearance to recreate an electric atmosphere.

Wood in the spotlight

Darty For some, the return to the sources involves the return of wood. Here is a very simple cuisine that surprises with its imitation of material. It reproduces the wood perfectly in white oak color.

Taupe or shortbread, like the same

Brico Dépôt The shortbread or taupe aspect will also have a small effect in the kitchen this season. On a light gray background, these pieces of furniture are perfectly highlighted!

Pastel shades

Castorama At Castorama, we favor pastels. Pale gray, green, blue and white, an ambitious choice that would tend more towards the rainbow. Let your imagination run wild, yes, but as long as you don't exceed three colors!

Mixing genres

Goal Combining slate and wood is very trendy. To customize your kitchen and break the classics, you just need a splashback and a mismatched worktop. We use a laminated color to create a material effect (concrete, marble, granite) and we keep the natural color of the wooden furniture.

Our favorite

Brico Dépôt If the trend is clear and pastel, it must be admitted that red is timeless. Glamorous and feminine, it has a little effect married to more natural colors like taupe. The PVC of the facades also allows a lacquered color and a nice mirror look!

The best is black

Brico Dépôt The total black look takes its toll when you go out to dinner. It has the same effect in a kitchen. Black undoubtedly gives cachet and offers a dark and mysterious side to the room.