Bright objects bloom in the garden

Bright objects bloom in the garden

The garden is also entitled to a very decorative lighting! Brands compete with imagination to offer luminous objects that give style to the garden. You will be spoiled for choice between the furniture that lights up and the accessories that light up. Here is a selection to accommodate the night.

A new generation floor lamp

Parade design Parade design offers new generation floor lamps with the Lumin'air lamp. It is actually a fabric envelope which swells to materialize the light in a design form. And of course everything withstands wind and rain. Count 240 euros.

Furniture that lights up

Slide To furnish the garden while lighting it up, Slide Design has imagined a series of small luminous pieces of furniture with geometric shapes! You will find cubes to create an ottoman or a coffee table, a bar, benches… Enough to create a disco atmosphere in your garden.

Indoor lighting

Ikea Ikea proposes to create a surprise in the garden by placing lights that look like indoor lamps. The Solvinden collection exists in table lamp or in suspension and works with solar energy for ecological lighting. You would almost believe that these lamps are magic.

Festive lights

Ikea And for a festive and friendly atmosphere even in the garden, Ikea offers solar lights in the shape of a Chinese ball but also colorful garlands to light in a very decorative way. You can combine the different light sources for a very bright effect!