What table decor for a bohemian style?

What table decor for a bohemian style?

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So that summer continues on the table, we adopt the bohemian style without further ado. Tablecloths like tableware are adorned with chic hippie patterns and cheerful colors. We give you all the ingredients for a successful table that smells of travel and a change of scenery.

Wooden dishes

Zara Home Who says bohemian spirit, says natural decor! Wooden dishes and plates therefore simply find their place on the table. We also like in this atmosphere the Aztec patterns and the feathers of the tablecloth for the decorative touch!

Dishes with colorful patterns

Bloomingville Bloomingville offers very beautiful dishes, ideal for a table with a bohemian spirit. We are under the spell of this teapot that we pride ourselves on when it comes to afternoon tea and even dinner!

A hippie chic table runner

Delamaison We love this table runner which we put directly on a raw wooden table to create a bohemian atmosphere. The plus: candles in the shape of a flower in the same colors that are installed in a row in the center of the table.

Colorful and retro dishes

Garnier Thibaut Think of retro dishes to decorate your table with a bohemian spirit. If you get up early on Sunday to go bargain hunting does not mean anything to you, buy new plates and jugs that have fun with vintage shapes and prints.

A patterned tablecloth to set the tone

H&M Home Easy to bring a bohemian touch to the table with this tablecloth with a touch of oriental patterns. We love its green, fresh and spring color, which we dare all year round in the kitchen as in the dining room!

Reclaimed vases

La Redoute Do not hesitate to dare a few salvaged objects on your bohemian-style table decor. Here, two small metal milk jugs have been repainted in sky blue and transformed into vases. A great idea to reuse as soon as possible!

Even a tablecloth on the wall

Zara Home After choosing a beautiful tablecloth for the table, why not perfect the decor by installing another on the wall? So, the bohemian chic atmosphere is really there!

Bright colors

Zara Home The cashmere pattern from India has no problem creating a soft bohemian atmosphere on your table. In napkin or tablecloth and in a bright color, it sets the tone!

Cement tile effect

Linvosges Cement tiles are ideal on the table to bring a bohemian and authentic touch. With this tablecloth imagined by Linvosges, the charm of yesteryear enters the dining room in the blink of an eye!