Use the walls to store your jewelry

Use the walls to store your jewelry

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Ladies and ladies! If your necklaces, earrings and bracelets get tangled, force to be stored in the same box or in the same drawer, remember to store them vertically! Thanks to panels, coat hooks or wall hooks, we can see more clearly and in addition, we free up space. Demonstration.

Jewelry on porcelain coat hooks

Fly ### Since animal trophies are trendy, why not choose several miniature versions with hooks on which you would hang your jewelry? We particularly love the porcelain models here, their delicate and original look infusing a good dose of character on the wall ...

Jewelry on wall hooks

Ikéa ### Some hooks aligned on a metal bar or on the edge of a recess in the wall, like here, and here we are, with jewelry holders that sometimes accommodate bracelets, necklaces or even watches!

Jewelry on a wall panel

Ikéa ### Cork panels, whether or not covered with fabric, are also excellent jewelry stands. A few loose thumbtacks are planted there to hang necklaces and bracelets diagonally and form a very precious wall… Get inspired!

Jewelry on classic coat hooks

Ikéa ### Because jewelry is beautiful to look at between its pearls and pendants of different shapes and different colors, it is not always necessary to choose ultra decorative hooks to hang them! On their own, they create a nice dynamic on the walls. So you can also head to classic coat hooks like this while keeping the promise of a trendy wall. And if you plan to hang jewelry hooks on a wall that has to be hidden behind the door of a closet or behind curtains, this is all the more reason to choose very simple models!


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