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Chic headboard!

Chic headboard!

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Like the heroines of Sex & the City or Gossip Girl, our bedroom can become very sophisticated ... even on a very budget! Rather than changing the whole decor, we put everything on the headboard, the central element of the room. The idea? Select an elegant and majestic model that will set the tone.


La Redoute ### Splendid material effect for this braided acaba headboard. If we like the golden finish, we just as much fall for the graphic patterns formed by braiding! A fine example of the successful marriage between exoticism and chic attitude…


La Redoute ### The black upholstery is not the only one to give a chic look to this headboard. The detail that really gives it allure? Its studded finish, a trend borrowed from the world of fashion which is now all the rage in decoration. Chic, right?


Maisons du Monde ### With its refined "home" look, this headboard seduces us with its vertical stripes of different thicknesses…


La Redoute ### Here, the structure of the solid mahogany headboard presides over the bedroom. The rounded shape of its white moldings envelops the bed with softness and pleasure. Refinement first! And to top it all off, a soft filling serves as a file, for resolutely majestic reading breaks.


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