10 ideas to steal from decoration stores

10 ideas to steal from decoration stores

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To create your home decor, all inspirations are good to take. So, when you stroll through the decoration stores, certain tips are to be stung and reinterpreted at home. Here are some ideas to steal from decorative stores.

Place furniture in the center of the room

To facilitate shopping, the shops do not hesitate to free themselves from the walls and also to have furniture in the center of the room. A good idea to reuse at home to give you a well used space.

Multiply the lights

When stores sell light fixtures, they do not offer one but many models. At home, you can do the same and multiply the lamps by combining suspension, table lamp and floor lamp in a concentrated way for a very decorative effect.

Staging textiles

Whether in fashion or decoration stores, textiles are staged to present them to you. Here is an idea to take back home by exposing your scarves and other fashion accessories to make it a decorative asset.

Load the decoration

What we like in decoration shops is the profusion of objects. Nothing is easier to reproduce at home by multiplying the objects for a charged and warm atmosphere.

Hijack objects

In decorative shops, all objects are staged even when they are not decorative objects in their own right. At home, we do the same and we divert pretty boxes to make decorative accessories.

Play the accumulation

Often, what gives style to decoration stores is the proliferation of accessories. At home, also multiply objects: two vases rather than one, several candle jars and several cushions…

Stack the decor

We also accumulate vertically! We can for example stack the storage baskets or the towels to multiply the decorative style of your interior.

Display on the shelves

What is characteristic of a decoration store? Display the items he sells. At home, display your decorative objects as if it were a shop window. On a table or a shelf the effect is very decorative.

Mix colors

If the decoration stores do not hesitate to show the extent of their range by presenting the different colors available, it is also a process that can work perfectly at home! More ideas here!