Graphic tiles to dress the bathroom

Graphic tiles to dress the bathroom

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In the bathroom, the tiles are no longer limited to white! We find more and more very extravagant colors but also patterns that bring a real decorative touch to the room. So for an original bathroom, we put on the graphic tiles!

Black and white

Schmidt ### A black circle in a white square and a white circle in a black square, here is the strange pattern that composes the tiling of this bathroom for a very interesting optical effect. To prevent our eyes from getting tangled, we use this frieze tile to energize a white tile. On the furniture side, a touch of yellow highlights the black.

Tiles in a tile

Espace Aubade ### To bring a graphic effect to the tiling, we put on tiling which consists of several small tiles with very visible joints. Here the red color contrasts with the white joints to bring a very graphic style to only part of the wall so as not to overload it.

Patterned tiles

Espace Aubade ### To create graphic effects on your tiles, you can alternate traditional tiles with tiles that have a small pattern. It's up to you to create friezes or a more sought-after rhythm.


Espace Aubade ### Finally, know that to create a graphic effect in the bathroom, nothing like the mosaic that will allow you to create real original decorations! By alternating tiles of different colors, you will not fail to energize your bathroom floors and walls!


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