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December, and the candles light up the house

December, and the candles light up the house

For the past ten days, the streets and the shops have been lit up as if by magic, as the end of year celebrations approach. Meanwhile, in the house, we highlight pretty Christmas candles, festive and poetic ... In some carefully selected.


Habitat ### At Habitat, the month that shines and sparkles leaves room above all for fantasy and imagination. The candles then take the form of stars or fir trees, and even dare to metamorphose into an owl, a pear or a horse. What do we like? This marriage of daring and elegance. Let yourself be seduced ...


Bougies la Française ### Who does not dream of admiring the first snowflakes on Christmas Day, like an enchanting sign fallen from the sky? The Bougies la Française brand responds to this desire for an all-white December with the "Féérie" collection. Fir, tree, bird, but also owl, angel and rabbit: all dress in a porcelain shade before lighting up the house with softness.

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Le Chat ### The candlestick spirit is in the air. With their fine silhouettes playing on apple and silver tones, these candles signed Le Chat take height. A version filled with elegance and cheerfulness so that the dim lighting does not go unnoticed when the month of December comes.


Ikea ### In December, Santa's red and white costume continues to dictate the decor. If you like tradition, these Ikea candles should please you. With their all-red coat, they sit comfortably in the living room, and you can only see them. Or how to set the tone subtly, with ease.