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10 paintings we love this season

10 paintings we love this season

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Whether you are more neutral tones or dynamic colors, here is a selection in pictures of 10 interior paints ready to make your decor vibrate this fall 2013. Beige, taupe but also gourmet red, matt anthracite and deep blue are waiting for you … And not only for your walls!

The mole, star of interiors

Farrow & Ball Very fashionable in recent years, the mole “Mole's Breath” (n ° 276) by Farrow & Ball is one of the new colors proposed by the English brand for the start of the school year. Emphasis is placed on the powdery and warm side of the tone, abandoning all traces of green for more roundness.

Bright yellow 1960s

Farrow & Ball Like the wallpaper, the paint takes on the codes of the 1960s this season. We thus see the appearance of bright and sweet colors, like this yellow “Yellowcake” (n ° 279) from the new range of Farrow & Ball. Something to revive the yé-yé in your living room!

Beige shades

Leroy Merlin - Luxens It is not always easy to choose your shade… So why not vary the pleasures by combining several colors, in the same range: beige, off-white and gray applied in more or less wide strips (easy to make with simple masking tape) remain harmonious while breaking the monotony of a simple white wall!

Bright red to awaken the senses!

Leroy Merlin - Luxens To escape the gloom, choose an invigorating paint like this shade of red drawing on the orange of Luxens. On a wall of the dining room or in the kitchen, cleverly married to neutral tones, it will awaken your taste buds!

Dark and matte shades

Little Green One of the big trends in interior painting this season: deep and matte colors. They bring a cozy and reassuring side to the room. Brown, dark red and gray lend themselves well to it. The shade “Lamp Black 228” by Little Green offers a nice contrast with white.

A delicious gourmet red!

Tollens + Pantone When Tollens, a reference in the world of painting, and Pantone, the world expert in color, meet, they give birth to a collection of 100 original shades: emerald green, enamel blue or even red intense (Rouge Red 18-1755) with fruity nuances, real concentrate of energy.

A deaf blue

Flamant In addition to its 128 interior colors, the Belgian brand Flamant is presenting four new “trendy” paint colors this year. Among them is the “Shocking Blue”, a matt blue, between petrol blue and duck blue, which fits perfectly into the current trend of muted tones and deep colors.

Floral and powdery atmosphere with purple

Flamant With this dark purple, called “grape juice” by Flamant, we put on a colorful room but which retains its softness thanks to the matt finish of the paint. Do not hesitate to play on the floral side of this color, with liberty prints for example.

An all-terrain paint!

Julien Trends in interior painting don't just apply to walls! With Julien's ready-to-use ranges of technical paints, you can also revamp your furniture and elements in laminate, melamine or plastic. Even radiators and wall tiles will be able to take advantage of the new “Log”, “Sea salt” or “Plum” colors!


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