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How to arrange the space around a freestanding bathtub?

How to arrange the space around a freestanding bathtub?

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If once the bathtub was perceived as a simple sanitary object, today it is a star of the bathroom. Round, oval, angular, on feet, in the center of the room or against the wall, the freestanding bathtub can be admired from all angles and lends itself to all decorative follies. Demonstration!

Clear colors and transparency give a feeling of space

Porcelanosa Delicate materials and neutral tones are the first ingredients for a Zen bathroom. A linear sink accentuates the impression of serenity. The horizontal lines of the walls reinforce this soothing atmosphere.

A minimalist space

Porcelanosa The golden rule of a Zen decor is a visually light and uncluttered space. Here we go to the basics! Sober and refined lines help to create this atmosphere conducive to calm. In the bathroom, the space is stripped and everything finds its place, with ease.

Wood and whiteness: a Zen marriage

Castorama Like a little cocoon, the Zen bathroom is a bubble of relaxation where you like to relax in peace in a white and wood mixture. Everything is done with simplicity so that the atmosphere is soft and soothing. To recreate the relaxing atmosphere of traditional spas, the space is delimited using a sliding door reminiscent of the separation of Japanese pagodas.

Powdered colors for a boudoir-style bathroom

Burgbad Ideal for a bathroom, the boudoir style is a glamorous and romantic trend that crosses time and decorates many spaces today. To recreate this atmosphere in your bathroom, you can favor powdered colors, thus betting on a feminine color code. Note that the combination of pink and white works wonderfully!

A boudoir spirit for your bathroom

Delpha The boudoir atmosphere is characterized by many pretty details: feminine shapes, noble materials and precious fabrics. Scattered here and there, various pieces of female furniture and accessories will adorn your bathroom. Among them, we can cite a washbasin cabinet inspired by secretaries of the past, delicate vases or pretty frames ... so many objects with a scent of yesteryear that will elegantly decorate your space.

Baroque furniture to enhance the boudoir bathroom

Burgbad As for accessories, we choose imposing chandeliers to add a refined and luxurious touch to its decor. The materials, on the other hand, will be precious, like this sublime highly stylized rug that exudes comfort.

Refined colors for a boudoir bathroom

Delpha If you do not like powdery and acidulous colors, you will prefer purple, purple colors as well as gold and silver which will bring a precious side to the space. Do not hesitate to play on the contrasts between the colors!

Contemporary ambiance in the bathroom

Axor Well anchored in our time, the contemporary style wants to be simple, refined, even minimalist. The purity of the composition and modern materials are privileged to bring softness to the space

Light, the ally of contemporary decoration

Burgbad Space and clarity are major concepts of contemporary decoration. They will highlight an original piece of furniture, underline the purity of a line or even a piece of color and will place the accent on living spaces. Open, they will offer an impression of timely breathing.

Priority to strong colors

Delpha Break the rules and dare to color! With walls of strong colors such as red or deep blue, an immaculate wall and black and white furniture it will be without fail!

On the ground, trendy materials are our allies

Keramag Design No more classic white tiling or "has been" floor damaged by time. The contemporary bathroom uses new and trendy materials, preferably easy to maintain, such as an ultra-smooth floor in polished concrete because this material, formerly of industrial inspiration, is today the assurance of a real design decoration. ! Otherwise, you can also prefer a vinyl floor in anthracite tones for a very controlled modern effect.

Family-friendly atmosphere in the classic bathroom

Axor Chic and authentic, the old-fashioned bathroom uses its charms. Mounted on its lion's feet, the freestanding bathtub is the centerpiece of the bathroom. Characteristic of this style the fireplace is the promise of long hours of relaxation in its bathtub.

The elegance of the classic bathroom

Jacob Delafon Sobriety and simplicity are the order of the day in the classic bathroom. The sinks combine in duo, the materials are noble and the colors become soft.

Stylish furniture for a classic bathroom

Delpha Heir to the past, classic decor draws its past from the Greco-Roman aesthetic principles defined by the symmetry and harmony of forms. To create a classic atmosphere in your bathroom, you are inspired by period furniture such as Louis XIV, Louis XV, rockery or baroque, which you modernize with color and new, more contemporary materials.

Ethnic atmosphere: an invitation to travel and dream

Depha Fancy a trip? Opt without delay for a bathroom with ethnic overtones and marry light and dark wood and other natural materials. Sprinkle your bathroom with some exotic accessories: an animal skin rug, a zebra ottoman and ceramic objects that blend perfectly with rosewood. What transport you to the most exotic countries while enjoying a good relaxing bath.

Natural colors for an ethnic bathroom

Axor It is essential to adopt natural tones, punctuated with a zest of colors to create an ethnic atmosphere, a touch of exoticism in the bathroom. The final touch of this decoration is brought by the wooden stools, a woven armchair and a sublime bay window overlooking a luxuriant vegetation.

Wood, a natural material in all simplicity

Axor To give a natural touch to the bathroom, a few well-chosen elements are sometimes enough. You can opt for a wooden wall covering. Warm, it will certainly give an exotic touch to your space ...

A mineral and Zen decoration

Castorama Stone is one of the star materials of the natural bathroom. In addition to the wall, we can also find them on the ground in the form of small pebbles. Large stones can be placed on the corner of the bathtub.

Ode to the green

Keramag Design A bathroom that connects with nature, a dream that becomes reality. Thanks to large bay windows, it gives the impression of being in the heart of lush vegetation. To integrate perfectly into the landscape, you will prefer furniture, wall and floor covering in beige and brown tones. Change of scenery guaranteed!