Space saving revolution: the wall desk

Space saving revolution: the wall desk

For small spaces, it is essential to optimize the space as much as possible. On the office side, prefer efficient and practical layout solutions to save space with ease. Retractable desks, wall shelves, the workspace is very small.

Customizable and modular

Castorama Personalize your desk by adding clever and original storage. Cubes and shelves attached to the wall save space. By choosing to dress the storage wall, the room becomes more flexible. Expand your design ideas ad infinitum by multiplying the shelves on the wall.

A modular partition

Castorama To create an original and practical office area, opt for the modular partition. This storage tip allows you to store your office accessories while delimiting spaces to isolate the office from other rooms. This efficient partition brings functionality and originality to the room.

A well thought out wall

Castorama In a work room, do not forget to create tall storage space and install shelves on the wall. On a wall section, you can set up a multi-function library by multiplying the shelves, shelves or storage cubes. The trick to saving space is to choose useful storage combinations that suit your needs.

Simplicity and transparency

La Redoute For a preserved space and a desk integrated into your decoration, choose a desk composed of a glass top. This one fits perfectly with all decorative universes. On this tray, you can set up suitable equipment such as storage boxes to store office accessories or documents. On the ground, the storage cubes ensure efficient and personalized space savings.


La Redoute Made of wood and minimalist, the desk adapts to your desires in terms of storage and decoration. It incorporates storage tips into its design. Like a modular spreadsheet, the office adapts to your organization. You can display your documents and notebooks there.

Lay out practical

Castorama A drawer shelf is the solution to create an office area effortlessly, while optimizing space. Practical and original, this equipment allows you to create an efficient workspace with a minimalist storage element. The tablet can be used both for storing documents and for storing mail, for example.

The retractable desk

IKEA The obvious solution for creating a modular workspace that fits perfectly into the world of the living room: the retractable desk. If you do not have a room dedicated to the office, opt for this functional piece of furniture, it adapts to all rooms. Multifunctional, it can be used as an office as a living room table. Open, it provides an efficient storage solution for your documents; closed, it discreetly hides your office area.

Designer shelves

Castorama Personalize your walls by creating an aesthetic and practical shelf. By assembling the shelves and shelves on your wall, you can achieve a unique atmosphere. Compose shapes and mix colors to create a set of useful and fun storage.

Modular desk

Maisons du monde Standing on trestles, the desk is original and simple. It consists of a shelf with multiple storage compartments to create spaces for storing accessories, documents and notebooks. This modular desk is ideal for organizing and working efficiently. Everything is in handy lockers.