The craziest Halloween costumes!

The craziest Halloween costumes!

In a few hours it's Halloween! Not always easy to find the right costume, and above all, an idea of ​​original disguise, easy to carry out. has put together a selection of 20 funny and unusual costumes for you.

The Marshmallow Man

Costume Works For the youngest, you can also take inspiration from this funny costume of the marshmallow man, ideal for a Halloween party under the theme of ghost SOS. * More info on this DIY: Costume Works *

Elsa's costume from the Snow Queen cartoon

Buzzfeed In 2013, in the company of your little one, you discovered the daring and optimistic Anna, Kristoff, an experienced mountain dweller and his loyal reindeer, Sven looking for his sister Elsa in the Snow Queen. To please your child, this year you want to wear Elsa's costume for Halloween. It's easy, bring blue fabrics and beads and follow the tutorial step by step. * More info on this DIY: Buzzfeed *

Minions costume

Coolest Homemade Costumes Don't know them yet? Yet the minions are unanimous with our children! Immerse your toddler in the world of Gru, the big villain and his three daughters by making him a costume of minions, these funny little yellow creatures. * More info on this DIY: Coolest Homemade Costumes *

Space Navy Costume, Warhammer

Buzzfeed If like Thorssoli on the Instructables site you enjoyed playing the medieval-fantasy role-playing game, Warhammer, during your childhood and loved, like him, the universe and the dark design of this game, arm yourself with patience and discover the 352 steps to make this costume. * More info on this DIY: Buzzfeed *

Marty Mc Fly's costume and his DeLorean

Jeremy Newton-Smith If you want to create a Marty Mc Fly costume worthy of the name, you will probably need to go back in time to have the possibility of finishing this pretty costume and his car imagined by Cory and Jeremy Newton-Smith. * More info on this DIY: Jeremy Newton-Smith *

The costume of little red riding hood

Make It Love It Halloween will be there in a few weeks, with its parade of disguises! Be ready with this little red riding hood costume, ideal for your little wolf, made with white cotton and charcoal fabrics, fabric and red ribbon ... At your sewing machine! * More info on this costume: Make It Love It *

Prince Charming costume

Make It Love It It is well known that children love to dress up as the heroes of their favorite cartoons. If your little one has fallen under the charm of Prince Charming discover without further delay the tutorial from Make it Love it, which explains step by step how to make this costume. * More info on this DIY: Make It Love It *

Mary Poppins costume

Make It Love It Armed with satin and white chiffon, red satin, ribbon, a bobbin of lace and your sewing machine, you can also choose to make for your little girl the charming costume of Mary Poppins . * More info on this DIY: Make It Love It *

Alice's Caterpillar in Wonderland

Weisse Guys For a successful Halloween party under the theme of Alice in Wonderland, do not hesitate to consult the blog of Weisse Guys which offers many costume ideas. From Alice's costume to that of the rabbit or the famous blue caterpillar from the Lewis Caroll novel, all you have to do is make your choice. * More info on this DIY: Weisse Guys *

The shadow of Peter Pan

Tikkido And if this year, we bet on the singularity? Exit the traditional Peter Pan costume, we dare to be original with the Peter Pan shadow costume. Made with a morphsuit, a black fabric and a feather, it will inevitably be a sensation! * More info on this DIY: Tikkido *

The Toy Story Soldier

Wild Ink Press Special mention for this funny soldier costume seen in the cartoon Toy Story and made using a traditional soldier costume that you will take care to repaint entirely in green. * More info on this DIY: Wild Ink Press *

Where's Charly?

Make It Love It For your youngest, no need to spend a fortune on a costume that he can no longer put on in a year. You will simply accessorize a bodysuit and a classic white cap using red fabrics and decorate the suit with denim pants and a small pair of glasses found on the market. Easy right? * More info on this DIY: Make It Love It *

Medusa costume

Costum Works Because Halloween is not limited to the costumes of evil witches or other scary vampires, we swap our traditional costume for the symbol of beauty and terror in the days of Ancient Greece, Medusa. To make this costume yourself, attach lots of plastic snakes to your child's hair and make him a dress inspired by ancient fashion. * More info on this DIY: Costum Works *

Robot costume

Paging Fun Mums Develop your child's imagination and let him conquer space by making him a pretty robot costume. For this you will simply need cardboard boxes, flexible conduits bought in a hardware store, tights, plastic bottle caps, computer parts found at the recycling center and face paint. * More info on this DIY: Paging Fun Mums *

Avengers costume

Minutebuzz You liked the Avengers comics book, then you will love these funny costumes inspired by comics. Costume Iron Man, Captain America, the Black Widow… slip into the skin of your favorite superhero! * More info on this DIY: Minutebuzz *

Mr. and Mrs. Potato

Seven Thirty Three Blog Have fun making the costume of Madame Bonheur, Monsieur Chatouille, Madame Canaille or the one of your choice using the nice tutorial from the blog Seven Thirty Three. * More info on this DIY: Seven Thirty Three Blog *

Lorax costume

Babble You like the color orange and want to make a funny and unusual costume for your toddler. Why not simply make him the costume of Dr. Seuss inspired by the Lorax cartoon using your sewing machine and creative leisure equipment? * More info on this DIY: Babble *

Shark costume

Make It Love It Easy and quick to make, this handmade costume did not go unnoticed by the editorial staff. You are just starting to sew, so have fun making this costume for your toddler using one of his favorite hooded tracksuits. * More info on this DIY: Make It Love It *

Statue of Liberty costume

Milk and Cuddles The costume of the statue of liberty still has the coast, as evidenced by this disguise seen on the blog Milk and Cuddles, made using a green sheet, yellow and red paper, scissors and glue. * More info on this DIY: Milk and Cuddles *