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Welcome autumn with a natural decor

Welcome autumn with a natural decor

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The leaves begin to fall, we discover thousands of chestnuts in the forest… and yes, autumn has already arrived! To let it enter slowly inside, we start by changing a few habits and adopting seasonal decorative items. Need advice? Discover the ideas that the editorial team has thought of!

Green accents in the bedroom

Ikea In the master bedroom, we play it natural with a few touches of green scattered here and there. We choose it rather clear, and we associate it with blond wooden furniture to be perfectly in trend. Blow of heart for this environment which succeeded perfectly the effect of style.

Plants hanging in bottles

Ikea Introducing a bit of nature into your decor, this also involves some ingenious ideas. We really like this tip thought by Ikea with glass bottles and jars transformed into flower pots and suspended in the air.

Animal prints

H&M Home Dare to print animal prints! On cushions, they can be installed wherever you want in the house. Bedroom, living room, entrance, they are perfect for bringing a natural spirit into the room.

Pine cones on the table

Zara Home On the dining room table too, fall invites itself with some good ideas. The first to note: a tablecloth on which are printed some small feathers in autumn colors. The second is just as simple: fill a basket with pine cones picked up in the garden.

Raw pine for the little ones

Maisons du Monde A meadow green wall in the children's room? For sure it will create a very natural atmosphere in the room. Especially if it is accompanied by raw pine furniture and decorative accessories stitched in the garden like these small nest boxes installed above the bed.

Touches of nature in the bathroom

Zara Home After choosing a few touches of natural color in the bathroom, think about the accessories! A wooden basin will look great alongside a piece of blond wood furniture and cream and taupe linens.