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Metal: decorative material for the whole house

Metal: decorative material for the whole house

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Metal, what a great material! In addition to not being too expensive, it allows you to make all kinds of shapes that will adapt to any interior. Whether you are pop, classic or design, you will inevitably find a piece of furniture or a metal object to install at home. The proof in pictures.

A metal table for an oriental style

Maisons du monde In the Maghreb countries, crafts know how to enhance the metal! For an oriental inspiration in the house, we will put one on a table or another object which uses hammered metal, which gives it an original and precious relief. It will be the centerpiece of your decor.

Metal and recovered spirit

Maisons du monde To give a decoration spirit to your decoration, you can opt for metal objects that are genuinely recovered or not. We think for example of this can which will serve both as storage and seat.

Industrial lockers

La Redoute In an industrial style decor, metal is one of the materials of choice because it was particularly appreciated in factories for its solidity. In the house, we opt for furniture that recalls this atmosphere like metal lockers and other industrial furniture.

Metal for a workshop style

Purpose Metal is not only used in furniture. Indeed, it can directly intervene in the structure of the room with a workshop type window for example. It is then a real centerpiece to inject a loft atmosphere.

Original and design pieces

Ikea The properties of metal allow a wide variety of form with regard to its use. So, in the house, it can be a real asset for a daring design atmosphere. In this room, it is used for example for the coffee table, the armchair or the structure of the sofa. All in style.

A retro atmosphere

Ikea Metal is nothing new in decoration! Suddenly, for a retro atmosphere, it also works very well as for this piece of furniture which skilfully marries a metal structure with glass walls.

Pop color

Castorama The advantage of metal is that it allows a wide variety of colors. In a pop interior, it will be ideal for bringing in color as with this apple green lamp which perfectly plants the decor.

Romantic inspiration

Ikea Metal also knows how to be more discreet to match a softer and feminine atmosphere. He then dresses in white and takes place in the structure of the elements as for this mirror. In the four-poster version, it also has a small effect.

Metal in the bistro

But Finally, for a home bistro atmosphere, you will opt for the famous small folding metal tables that can be found on the terraces of cafes.


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