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10 decor ideas for a green spring

10 decor ideas for a green spring

For several weeks the calendar indicates that it is spring. But the capricious weather decided otherwise. So not to be overwhelmed by the gloomy weather, invite spring in your decor. Colors, flowers, natural materials, will act like a ray of sunshine.

Add color to textiles

Ferm Living Rose blotter, sky blue, mimosa yellow… all colors of the color wheel are welcome. Tablecloths, cushions, table runners, tea towels, rugs, curtains brighten up when in contact with color.

A bouquet of fresh flowers

Fly Nature still asleep on whole days of cold and bad weather has not yet awakened. So treat yourself to a nice bouquet of daffodils, tulips or hyacinths. These seasonal flowers, grown in greenhouses, will add some life to your interior.

The rattan king of armchairs

Conran Natural material par excellence, rattan creates a very natural spirit in decoration. Highly visible in the 1950s, it emerged from the shadows and returned to our interiors. Its light shade and its imperfections, installs a rustic spirit.

A colorful garden

Botanic Sunny days will come. So to anticipate this happy event, bet on garden furniture and colorful garden accessories. Mix the tones together for an even more singular effect.

Green your walls

Ferm Living Doing gray on the outside, invite the vegetation inside with the wallpaper. This season, the motifs are festive and especially the vegetable motifs. So on the wall or on the entire wall, take the opportunity to oxygenate your decor.

Funny stickers

Ferm Living The stickers continue their ascent in decoration. They dot your walls with patterns and colors, according to the seasons. Here, at Ferm Living, the brand makes it a point of honor to respect ecological values ​​as much as possible.

Make a coat rack with driftwood

AM PM In the sandstone of your walks, collect driftwood boards and easily make a natural coat rack by screwing a few hooks on it.