Fabric for the headboard!

Fabric for the headboard!

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The headboard is a real extension of your bedding, so it is only natural that we choose it in fabric to harmonize it with our bed linen. To inspire you, here are 5 headboards that showcase the fabric.

A very classic headboard

Maisons du monde ### For a classic bedroom, we will turn to the headboards with an old look which has a structure of carved wood and which offers a quilted interior covered with fabric. The alliance of wood and fabric then brings the very classic side while lightness since the wood does not dress the entire headboard.

A romantic headboard

La Redoute ### If you want the headboard to set the tone of your room by bringing a romantic touch, bet on a headboard with curved lines where the fabric will create the decor. In this room, we chose a fabric in pastel colors with stripes to give style to the entire bed!

A cozy headboard

La Redoute ### To combine aesthetics and comfort, you can opt for a headboard that consists of fabric cushions. To do this, we put a rod at the right height and tie cushions which then go perfectly with the bed linen.

A charming headboard

La Redoute ### Finally, note that you can also use the same rod principle but this time drag a fairly thick fabric that will be the size of the headboard. The fabric will then bring a real spirit of charm to your room!