Architect's advice: how to set up a duplex studio?

Architect's advice: how to set up a duplex studio?

The duplex, apartment on two levels, is most often up: you go up the stairs to access the first floor and the entrance to the apartment is on the lower level. It is not a simple low ceiling mezzanine, but a real floor. In town, when the heights are high, the duplex is THE solution to increase the living area of ​​a dwelling. It gives the impression that the studio becomes a two-room apartment or a small loft.

Create a duplex studio: kitchen and bathroom on the lower level

Angélique BLANC In this rectangular studio of 3.38 mx 6.25 m with a very high ceiling, a mezzanine was existing. It was reached by a straight staircase against the load-bearing wall. A floor has been added in the extension of this mezzanine, thus increasing the living area of ​​the floor. The technical areas, kitchen and bathroom, are grouped together on the lower level, ideal layout when it is technically impossible or too expensive to bring the water upstairs. On level 2, the mezzanine becomes a bedroom space, and the new floor allows the creation of a living space open onto the kitchen by a glazed railing limiting light losses.

Develop a duplex studio: a decorative atmosphere for each level

Angélique BLANC This studio is a typical example of the conversion of habitable attics or a maids room on the second floor. The floor is drilled in order to install a staircase connecting the two floors. The dimensions are comfortable on level 1: 6.85 mx 5.95 m allow you to create an I-shaped kitchen area (with adjoining pantry), toilets and a beautiful lounge / dining area. It is here the staircase which delimits the zones, and in addition, it acts as storage. It is him again, and his aestheticism, which creates the transition between the two levels. The layout is on two floors, it is possible to create very distinct decorative atmospheres on each level. The second level here is very intimate, reserved for the bathroom, and the conjugal and baby bedroom spaces.

Develop a duplex studio: an upstairs office area

Angélique BLANC This layout is ideal for a person living alone in a small area. The lower level, 4.95 mx 5.25 m, presents the largest surface area of ​​the duplex. It receives the bathroom and the kitchen, separated by a partition in which all the pipes can be hidden, and a living / sleeping area. The second level only partially covers the first, and the spatial separation of spaces is not strict. The upper floor, housing a comfortable office area, is in fact open on the ground floor. In order to maintain decorative cohesion, the railing is here chosen in Plexiglas®, in a color reminiscent of one or more elements of the living room.