Au fil des Couleurs presents the new Sandberg wallpaper collection

Au fil des Couleurs presents the new Sandberg wallpaper collection

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Inspired by splendid Swedish mansions and mansions, the Brunnsnäs wallpaper collection evokes the joy of life and the tradition dear to Sandberg. We present you in 10 images this exclusive collection distributed by the shop Au fil des Couleurs.


Au fil des Couleurs Favorite for this wallpaper covered with small green leaves. In a bedroom, combined with a painting chosen in the same colors, it creates a very natural atmosphere. Diana: 110 euros

Horses race

Over the Colors Atmosphere hunting at court or polo match in this lounge which has opted for a wallpaper covered with horses. We particularly like the natural colors that give it that extra chic side. Colette: 101 euros

Japanese-style wallpaper

Au fil des Couleurs At a time when France is celebrating its 90 years of cultural ties with Japan, Sandberg imagines this Beata wallpaper with a very Asian print. We appreciate its bluish color which will have the advantage of slipping into an entry, a living room or even a bedroom. Beata: 101 euros

Like an old tapestry

Au fil des Couleurs With its long branches and roses, this wallpaper reminds us of the old tapestries that once covered the corridors or living rooms of houses. The most contemporary: an electric blue color totally in tune with the times. Marianne: 110 euros


Au fil des Couleurs For fall to be at the entrance of the house, opt for this wallpaper covered with small oak leaves. Its gray color gives it the possibility to slip anywhere. We love ! Waldemar: 101 euros

A touch of freshness

Au fil des Couleurs To brighten up your interior all year round, choose a bright yellow wallpaper! We love this model enriched with small elegant and discreet flowers. Marianne: 110 euros

Walk in the garden

Au fil des Couleurs This wallpaper invites us to the garden with its climbing plants effect on its trellis. In an entry, on half of a wall, it brings a little more natural, very refreshing. Joachim: 101 euros


Au fil des Couleurs Do you dare not put too much wallpaper in the living room for fear of getting bored? Here is one, with a discreet pattern of flowers, which brings more to the decor without doing too much. Elizabeth: 110 euros

Classic chic

Au fil des Couleurs To create a classic and chic decor in the living room, opt for this printed wallpaper that could not be more sober. Our advice for daring at home: put it on a single piece of wall so as not to stifle the atmosphere. Edith: 101 euros