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A Christmas tea for children in 5 lessons

A Christmas tea for children in 5 lessons

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With their Advent calendar, impatient children count the days before D-Day finally arrives on December 25! But let it be said, one day passes too quickly! Especially that once finished, you have to wait again 365 days before the next Christmas Eve. Never mind, we extend the magic in the eyes of little wolves by improvising fairy teas until the end of December. To succeed, here are the 5 golden rules to follow…

Fairy lighting

Ikéa ### Because as the holidays approach, our little dreamers have their heads in the stars, we prepare them a pretty table for magical snacks like no other. At stake ? Small cookies… and soft lighting! Here, this oversized star diffuses its dim light throughout the room, as if by magic. The other solution? Put a light garland on the table…

Table accessories specially decorated for Christmas

Ikéa ### A tray decorated with very stylized Santa Claus, red and white, golden or silver crockery taken out exclusively for the holidays: anyway, on the snack table, we want the accessories to be in the Christmas time.

Homemade treats

Ikéa ### Small shortbread cookies or gingerbread men: when December comes, toddlers are delighted to concoct themselves some Christmas treats, as tradition dictates! With mom or dad, they put on an apron and follow the recipe from a book to the letter, before tasting their creations with the family or with one or two classmates at four o'clock.

Christmas decor down to the smallest details

Ikéa ### It takes little to enchant children. The minute details that adults sometimes miss, do not escape them! By betting on a Christmas decoration in every detail, going as far as paper napkins, cupcake molds or straws, you will make people happy! On the menu: patterns of fir trees, snowflakes and stars…