Grange, French elegance in its cuisine

Grange, French elegance in its cuisine

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With its expertise and the success of its kitchens, Grange has chosen to create real living spaces around its layouts imagined for everyday life. The last two collections are part of this French art of living that the French company defends, and attest to a century-old experience. The brand combines all its cabinetmaking expertise and creativity to imagine kitchen furniture of exceptional quality: fell for its new catalog and presents the latest Grange creations…

A well thought-out kitchen island

Grange Handcrafted, all Grange kitchens are made of lime tree and available in 13 lacquers (from satin white to plum through red, gray, green or blue). This collection gives pride of place to accessories and clever functionalities, such as this central island which acts as a worktop, water point, storage and bar where you can eat on the go.

Careful details

Grange Born from a reflection on the simplicity of the lines, Moderne highlights beautiful materials judiciously combined: handles or knobs in satin brass, stone worktops, shelves in thick glass and highlighted lighting. We love the chocolate tone which warms the atmosphere of the kitchen and makes it even more convivial!

Clever storage

Grange The strong points of Grange are undoubtedly its intelligent storage solutions designed for everyday use. All the furniture and integrated drawers are made of oak, in the Grange workshops located in France in the Jura.

Country chic

Grange Grange revisits the rustic style here with its Bastide collection, which offers a real return to childhood. Inspired by the kitchens of our grandparents, the Bastide layout consists of a subtle alliance between traditional furniture and contemporary spirit.

A sought-after look

Barn Consisting of kitchen furniture made in French oak, the Bastide kitchen is based on traditional cabinetmaking techniques. We particularly love these cabinet doors in a soft 1900 style!

A personalized kitchen

Barn From bleached oak to mole to plum, azure blue and apple green, Bastide kitchens are available in 15 shades of wood and colors, each offered in 3 different aging levels. The brand puts in effect on personalization, in order to offer an interior as close as possible to everyone's taste.

Water green

Barn Favorite for this set of green water furniture, the color of which is subtly recalled by the zellige tiles of the splashback. The wood, the terracotta floor tiles and the wickerwork of the chairs contribute to a warm and family atmosphere, as were the kitchens of yesteryear.

An old-fashioned sink

Barn The success of old-style sinks, also called "office stamps", has been confirmed for a few years, with the return of vintage kitchens. Associated with the blue Bastide kitchen, this large bowl has its place in this decor which recalls the Provencal kitchens of yesteryear.

Wood in the spotlight

Grange Before becoming a confirmed kitchen designer, Grange distinguished himself in the creation of furniture of all styles. Here we find its finishing qualities in this dining room set, which blends perfectly with the rustic chic style of the kitchen.


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