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Natural materials for the bathroom

Natural materials for the bathroom

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In the bathroom, we now put aside the cold and clinical atmosphere of the white tiles in favor of a warmer decoration. For this, natural materials such as wood and stone will be a good solution to give character to the bathroom. Demonstration in 10 images.

Nature atmosphere

Ikea In this bathroom, natural materials provide a lot of warmth. The wall is covered with textured concrete which allows the wooden basin to stand out. On the ground, a darker parquet floor serves as a backdrop and a few baskets polish the decor.

Wood on the walls

Allia For a natural and exotic atmosphere in this bathroom, we opted for a dark stone floor and walls covered with exotic wood.

Gray wood and pebbles

Alinea In this bathroom, there is a seaside atmosphere! For this, natural materials are in the spotlight with gray wooden furniture and an original floor that uses pebbles.

Simplicity and nature

Alinéa In this bathroom, natural materials play the card of simplicity. The furniture offers warm wood, the lighter parquet can be forgotten while giving a warm atmosphere and the baskets offer storage in the theme.

Chalet atmosphere

Decotec To give an original touch to the bathroom, you can opt for a chalet atmosphere. The secret ? Raw wood that adorns the vanity unit and a few logs to refine the decor.

A countryside decor

Delpha In a country atmosphere, a stone wall helps set the scene. Then, we put on wooden furniture to bring a warmer touch to the whole.

Clean nature

Leroy Merlin To give a natural touch to a fairly refined bathroom, we add light wood furniture and we use facing stones for the apron of the bathtub.

Scandinavian spirit

Leroy Merlin To combine natural materials with a designer atmosphere, the Scandinavian style is optimal. He then uses light wood in clean lines and highlights the white of the room.

Design ambiance

Castorama In this bathroom, natural materials also support a design atmosphere. The imitation dark stone tiling on the wall makes it possible to highlight the furniture with elegance.