Ephemeral wallpapers that make us travel

Ephemeral wallpapers that make us travel

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Want to escape from the winter cold that lurks around us? Without moving from home, it's possible! Thanks to the most beautiful landscapes photographed at the other end of the world and printed on repositionable wallpapers, we change country and we change air simply according to our desires ... Demonstration through this panorama signed Moove Paper.

Trip to New York

Moove Paper ### Tonight we're having dinner in New York! No, there is no return flight in an express flight, but a simple strip of wallpaper displaying the superb view of skyscrapers seen from above. You almost believe it.

China travel

Moove Paper ### Direction China! The magic formula is simple, just dress the walls with Chinese prints on a red background and voila.

Travel to Greece or India

Moove Paper ### A view of the blue roofs of Santorini at bath time or a night spent behind the doors of a sumptuous Indian palace? The pleasure of traveling wherever we want is also relaxation!

Travel to Asia

Moove Paper ### Photographing a grandiose monument in Asia is how to be out of place while staying at home!