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10 cult creations at Habitat

10 cult creations at Habitat

Since 1964, the Habitat brand created by Sir Terence Coran has revolutionized the codes of decoration by offering a new "lifestyle" by making beauty accessible to all. At the dawn of its fiftieth, the collections continue to follow each other and innovate, until very recently when Habitat settled in the Puces de Saint-Ouen, at 77 rue des rosiers, to offer a selection of vintage pieces . Back in pictures on 10 emblematic pieces of the brand that marked the decor.

Altona office

Habitat After having launched the light wood furniture, Habitat is introducing the furniture stained in black. A success that will last several years.

Naos console

Habitat This console to assemble yourself embodies the Habitat style which transforms furniture in a jiffy since it can be used as a table, console but also as a desk.

Manager's chair

Habitat Over the years it has been adorned with colors in keeping with the trend. A great classic that has dressed every room in the house. Office, bedroom, living room, dining room ... and it is still possible to find it today in stores.

Work light

Habitat Sold at the time for 155 francs, this articulated metal lamp was available in several colors. A basic of the brand.

Open chair

Habitat This colorful armchair represents the introduction of color into the decor and the disappearance of the boundaries between interior and exterior furniture.

Upholstery table

Habitat This large table was the first dining table to be introduced into the Habitat collection. It symbolizes the renewal of furniture with its raw and clear wood and the diversion of its function.

Pot doa

Habitat This dish was created to go directly from the kitchen to the table and represents the collaboration between a Filipino craftsman and Poala Navone.

Helena garland

Habitat Another VIP guest for the brand's 40th anniversary, the model Helena Christensen who creates a luminous flower. An object born from the desire to bring nature into the house.

Tech trolley

Habitat Made of perforated sheet metal, this side table represents a new style of furniture that can be used in many ways. Trolley, hi-fi cabinet, tableā€¦