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Hema presents its novelties for Christmas

Hema presents its novelties for Christmas

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Glitter balls, gift boxes, red and white masking tape, Hema spoils us for Christmas. This year, the queens of DIY will have fun with accessories to cut, package, wrap or tape. As for the tree, Hema has planned to make it sparkle whether you are traditional or you like originality. Discover our 10 favorites right away!

Decorative bags

Hema To slip small gifts, you can opt for these pretty decorative bags with Christmas decorations. We love ! 1 euro the three

An English tree

Hema Give an English accent to your tree with these decorative balls with the inscription "Merry Christmas". We love the silver glitter effect which gives them a truly contemporary spirit. 2 euros per pair

Christmas cookie cutters

Hema We have great food cravings during the holiday season and shortbread or gingerbread cookies are unanimous among young and old. Especially if they take the shape of a fir tree, a snowman or even a star! 1.50 euros each

Red and white masking tape

Hema To wrap your gifts with originality, exit the traditional transparent tape and make way for these red and white masking tapes. 3 euros for four

Christmas hole punches

Hema To make your packages unlike any other this year, add small decorative shapes made with these Christmas hole punches. 3 euros three

Fabric decorations

Hema Fancy a sweet Christmas decor? Nothing could be simpler with these fabric Christmas trees in pastel colors! We hang them wherever we like in the house. 2.50 euros for three

Gift boxes

Hema To offer small homemade treats, here are the ideal gift boxes! We can't wait to slip them under the tree! 2 euros for four

Gifts to hang

Hema We love these little red and white gifts that will go perfectly with the traditional decoration of your tree. 6 euros for four

Small figurines

Hema A little touch of gold and silver in the decor of the tree, it does not hurt! We adopt without delay these cute little figurines. 2.50 euros per set


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