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Organize the dressing room!

Organize the dressing room!

Having a dressing room is good, but having an organized dressing room is better! Also, we offer you a few tips to allow you to store everything properly as it should be so that you can find it in your many clothes. Fashionistas with too many clothes or unorganized person, this article is for you.

Add closet storage

Goal ### To make the dressing room even more practical, you can add elements to it that will allow you to store specific elements. For example, choose a storage suitable for shoes, another for household linen and one for ties. By partitioning each type of clothing, you will be much more organized!

Adapt the wardrobe to your needs and not the other way around

Leroy Merlin ### The idea is not to fill the dressing room, but that the dressing room contains your clothes. Also, it is wise to opt for custom elements that come together to allow for evolution. And creating your own dressing room will also allow you to take into account the constraints of your room such as a loft for example.

A dressing room for teens

Goal ### Teens also have the right to their dressing room, which must be organized. Choose one side for clothes to fold and another for the wardrobe. To complete the storage space, bet on boxes that you will place on the floor and which will allow shoes to be stored, for example.

Do not overload the dressing room

Fly ### Finally, be aware that a well-organized dressing room is one that is not too busy. Indeed, to always see clearly, you must avoid overloading your wardrobe. Also, during the design, think about your real needs and always plan to be able to enlarge this space a little.

Doors to hide your clothes

Goal ### And if despite all your efforts, your dressing room is still in a mess, the solution is to opt for doors that will close the dressing room and make you forget the anarchy that reigns in your clothes. It will especially be much more aesthetic in your room!