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When glasses make table decor

When glasses make table decor

When setting a beautiful table, the glasses are as important as the plates in particular because they are the ones who will give volume to your decor. Classic or whimsical, it's up to you to choose your glasses from our very decorative selection!

All in transparency

LSA International On this table, it is the glassware that creates the decor thanks to a clever play of transparency. To give a little pep's to the whole, red glasses are added to the transparent models.

Festive glasses

LSA International For a festive atmosphere at the table, make room for glasses of champagne! Long and tapered, They bring a lot of chic to your table decoration. They can be paired with tall, sleek cocktail glasses.

Contemporary wine glasses

Bruno Evrard Creation To give a touch of modernity to your wine glasses, you can opt for models that present graphic engravings. They will then bring a dynamic touch to the table.

Precious glasses

LSA International For your party tables or your important events, why not bet on glasses that give a precious touch to your table decoration. We will opt for example for these models with pretty gilding.

Contemporary glasses

Luminarc A little dynamism at the table with these cocktail glasses which present graphic engravings. Dots and stripes, the table is festive.

Glitter cocktail glasses

Luminarc For girls' evenings, we adopt this cocktail service which is adorned with glitter for a very fashionable table. It will also be ideal for parties.

Classic aperitif glasses

Luminarc At aperitif time, we put on classic and elegant glasses that will give a friendly spirit to the room. The trick: we stack them for a practical and decorative service.

Chic and colorful glasses

LSA International On this table, make way for elegance with lightly colored glasses that display an almost mirror-like shine. We then play with a color camaieu to offer a beautiful harmony to the whole.

Colored glasses

VIDIVI Be aware that glasses can also allow you to bring more vivid colors to your table. For example, we adopt this multicolored service whose facets are reminiscent of diamonds.