10 dressing rooms for a master suite

10 dressing rooms for a master suite

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The dressing room is no longer a dream reserved for fashionistas. Over the years, it has become an essential and unavoidable element of the parental suite, just like the bathroom. Made-to-measure, multifunctional, scalable or modular walk-in closet, in XXL format… The choice is vast and adapts to all surfaces, all desires and all budgets. You just have to choose.

A multifunctional dressing room

Quadro Small space and reduced budget? This multifunctional dressing room arranged in four distinct zones is made for you! This two in one daring and ultra-practical consists of two modules in sycamore reserved for clothing and two shelves in wenge which transform with subtlety into a discreet library.

A custom wardrobe

Lapeyre Large or small master suite, provide your bedroom with a custom wardrobe that will adapt to the dimensions of your room and all your storage needs. Cabinets, shelves, drawers, light strips… many combinations are possible to personalize your space.

A headboard wardrobe

Layout Concept Practical and functional is the layout of this master bedroom where everything is close at hand. Integrated into the bed, the dressing room and the dressers are a good idea to save space.

A double dressing room

Mobalpa Favorite for this parental suite thought to meet the expectations of a couple wishing to open its bathroom on the bedroom while optimizing the space to create a double dressing room. We like the touches of color, the light and the fluidity of the circulation which combine with the optimal functionality of the space.

A U-shaped dressing room

Lapeyre Who has never dreamed of a room entirely dedicated to the storage of his clothes, composed of drawers, shelves, shoe racks and tie racks and hangers from floor to ceiling. With this U-shaped dressing room, your dream becomes close at hand.

A colorful dressing room

Lapeyre Want to personalize your wardrobe while adding color to your master suite? Equip your closet with a sliding door with an assertive identity. Ultra-vitamin color or pastel tones, combination of several colors, various materials ... this collection will meet your every wish.

A dressing room with sliding doors

Schmidt Why hide your wardrobe when you can opt for a trendy wardrobe with sliding doors? Its advantages ? A mirror built into the doors that will bring depth and space to your room.

A dressing cabin

Célio Clever idea that this dressing cabin which offers all the advantages of a real dressing room in only 2 m². Ultra-modern and very compact, it is the ally of small spaces. His pluses? Its fully equipped interior layout, automatic lighting and opening of synchronized doors. A real concentrate of innovation!

An XXL wardrobe

Ikéa Want a room just for you to store all your clothes and shoes? This is possible thanks to this XXL bobo-chic wardrobe in Carrie Bradshaw style. We love the lounge space in the center of the room, which offers the possibility of consulting magazines or having tea with friends in a friendly atmosphere.


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