Interior design coaching: Emmanuelle's office

Interior design coaching: Emmanuelle's office

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Each week, our interior design coach helps readers of. This week, she advises Emmanuelle for the makeover of her office, which she wishes to be better organized, warmer and conducive to reflection. If, like Emmanuelle, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decoration coaching!




- For the walls of the office corner, I suggest you play on the perspectives by painting the entire wall which adjoins the bathroom, including the bathroom door, with a taupe-colored picture paint. Also paint the existing small return in the same shade, but in a satin acrylic paint. The taupe paint remains soft, it will promote your concentration without darkening the room. The decor tip: Chalkboard painting allows you to use this wall as an XXL memo; it will bring a useful touch where the words you write will also make it graphic. - For the walls on the window side and door to the entry, keep the assembly white. The combination of taupe and white will bathe your office with light, nuanced with a warm shade. - Keep this corner clear to let the whole room breathe: on the one hand, because this is where the ceiling height is highest, on the other hand because it is the first visible space when the you enter the office through the front door. For this, I offer 2 solutions on the storage side: 1- You can keep your pretty sideboard, but repaint it in matt dark gray with 2 coats of acrylic paint after having undercoated it. The recuperative tip: painting old furniture in matt colors gives them a new youth and immediately gives style to a room by combining the old and the contemporary. 2- You can replace your old piece of furniture with hanging and closed storage units.


- Use the entire length of the wall by opting for two Expedit Ikea bookcases, which you will position horizontally. The decor tip: these "inverted" and low-rise bookcases will accentuate the perspective and provide a feeling of space. - The bookcases are placed horizontally according to the angles and the small return to the right of the wall; then place your oiled oak desk top in the center of the two bookcases to better visualize the office area. - Proceed with the assembly of the library desk when you are sure of your location: 1- Attach the bookcases to the wall for more stability 2- Attach the telescopic legs to the shelf after identifying their location 3- Replace the shelf on the shelves 4- Adapt feet at the desired height 5- Using two small brackets, screw the tray to the wall from below The storage tip: Storage drawer blocks placed in certain places in the 2 bookcases will allow you to discreetly store bulky items or unsightly. - Hang two long shelves at an accessible height to put pencil holders and other useful accessories. The decoration tip: Above the shelves, hang 3 staggered frames, keeping the same space between each of them: the idea is to give your wall a graphic and orderly appearance. - In order to punctuate the space dedicated to the office, play on the lighting by placing the same desk lamp on each side of the latter. The repetition effect structures the office area and frames the central tray. The lighting tip: Choose desk lamps with an articulated arm for optimized and directional lighting. - You like glass, I offer you a transparent chair: its pure and slightly rounded lines will capture the light with great elegance.


- Recover your mirror and paint it in matt black to give it a more contemporary and modern look, before placing it at a certain distance from the window, about a meter towards the desk. - Replace your blind with a pretty linen sheer. It will soften the room by filtering the outside light with subtlety, this will create a certain intimacy. A pretty dark steel rod will take up the black of the lamps and the black border of the suspension. - If you want to bring a touch of color to the floor while warming it, opt for a rug in natural materials (wool, sisal, etc.) which will take on the new natural shades of the office. - In the window corner of the room, an oak coat rack will remind the desk top while being a beautiful object as practical as it is trendy. - Finally, a large off-white pendant light edged with black will end up emphasizing the chic side of your new space.