La Bellevilloise, a place between luxury and humanity

La Bellevilloise, a place between luxury and humanity

The editorial staff of téva déco invites you to discover a utopian place with multiple activities located in the heart of Paris: La Bellevilloise. Built from 1880 to 1910, it is the architect Emmanuel Chaine who knew how to tastefully mix Art Nouveau at the time of Art Deco using harmonized volumes.

The olive market >>, a café-restaurant area to discover

DR ### is a café-restaurant area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 200 m2, which immediately arouses curiosity. What do we like? The 1900 craft furniture associated with bistro-style seats and tables that give us a very vintage touch.

A forum bar that transforms according to the festivities

DR ### Vast location of 300 m2, the forum bar can be transformed at will depending on the type of event. You will be dazzled by its intrinsic harmony made of contemporary objects, works of collectors as well as wonderful unusual finds.

A bright and majestic loft

DR ### Large light tray of 300m2, this loft has warm dyes and vast floors of raw oak that majestically mix with urban lighting, designer furniture and contemporary creations in order to create a friendly atmosphere.

An outdoor mosaic dating from the 20th century

DR ### Be dazzled by the mosaics made of ceramic in midnight blue and turquoise colors, dating from the 20th century and typical of Art Nouveau.