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Long live the peas in the decor!

Long live the peas in the decor!

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If you have a weakness for peas, this should please you: a panorama dedicated to these small round patterns in all colors and on any type of support specially come to brighten up the decor!

Dotted tableware

Paragraph ### On a festive table ready to welcome the effervescence of spring, small colored peas brighten up the plates. Because a note of fantasy at mealtime, we are for!

A multicolored polka dot rug

Goal ### The disco atmosphere watches over the teenage bedroom. Here, no mythical mirror ball on the ceiling but a multicolored polka dot carpet on the floor that sets the tone!

Polka dot bed linen

Ikéa ### If you breathe a soft and soothing air in this room, it is not unrelated to the choice of bed linen adorned with oversized blue dots that appear on a white background! Colors and patterns unite in effect on a romantic and serene note…

A polka dot cushion

Leroy Merlin ### Nothing like a patterned cushion to give relief to a bed tucked away in a red room! This is the case with this pretty white model with red, black and gray polka dots.

Pink polka dot wallpaper

Ikéa ### Ultra girly cooking! From the cake server to the tray decorated with poetic designs, all sublimated by the white wallpaper with pink polka dots, an irresistible feminine softness took hold of the room!

A dotted tea towel

Ikéa ### In a small kitchen where orange bar chairs want to energize the space, a polka dot dishcloth of the same color is perfect to accentuate the freshly tart look!

A dotted tray

Ikéa ### Wisely stored behind a metal bar, a black tray with white polka dots remains at hand to put your computer down when you want to work on your bed. A mix of black & white and sparkling patterns that makes us fall in love!

Children's bed linen with polka dots

Ikea ### To bring a light mood full of good humor in the children's room, we say yes to the peas on the bed linen!

Polka dot tiles

Ikéa ### Here, the trend for peas has even won the bathroom! The red and white tiles of the shower indeed display a series of circles which strangely remind us of the cutest of decorative patterns.


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