10 bathrooms for the whole family

10 bathrooms for the whole family

The modern bathroom is increasingly adapted to the "family" format with equipment designed for both young and old! Discovered at Idéo Bain 2012, see how this trend shows practicality to simplify the daily passages of its inhabitants in the room dedicated to relaxation:

A layout designed for toddlers

Sanijura ### Equipped with a changing table and a bathtub for playing, it seems that this bathroom speaks volumes for its users. Babies, children and adults are all jostling for it!

Furniture at your fingertips

Fly ### Low furniture that runs along the wall to allow small sizes to have bathing equipment close at hand, that's an ingenious idea when you have children!

Storage that makes stools for children

Leroy Merlin ### You may not have noticed, but the real plus of this bathroom are these storage lockers on casters. And yes ! They slide under the sink cabinet to take up the least amount of space possible and above all, they act as a stool so that children are at the right height when brushing their teeth! Pretty clever!

A handwashing pole multiplied by two

Leroy Merlin ### With its two hand basins and two mirrors aligned side by side, this bathroom adapts to the whole family so that several of its inhabitants can prepare at the same time. As for its half wood, half black look, we classify it between a Zen and chic style!

A bathroom for everyone that preserves privacy

Ikéa ### A family bathroom that preserves everyone's privacy, here is a good example with this bathtub corner and this handwashing pole separated by half a partition.

Childlike softness in the bathroom

Sanijura ### With its small bench, its stool and its soft colors, this bathroom does not exclude children, on the contrary, it is almost dedicated to them!

Shower and bath area

Leroy Merlin ### Another highly coveted layout in family bathrooms: a bath pole and a separate shower pole. Dad or mom can take a shower while the children take their bath, which optimizes time and space!

Shower / tub duo

Leroy Merlin ### Another example of a bathroom that combines a shower space and a bath space!

Children's favorite bathroom

Axor ### This bathroom seems to have been designed for children first! On the menu: a bathtub, a bench for dressing, two separate sink areas. The little ones can already see it!