La Redoute Interiors: discover the new summer 2015 collection

La Redoute Interiors: discover the new summer 2015 collection

La Redoute Interiors lifts the veil on the next trends of this summer 2015. On the red carpet this season: expect to be seduced by the softness of the Scandinavian style, to fall in a stir at the bohemian spirit and to continue to be in love with vintage. A well-accompanied visit with the Head of the Style Office, Marie Noulez…

Play with the decor

La Redoute Intérieurs Sam Baron is again and always pleased to sign a collection with La Redoute Intérieurs. This year's watchword: modularity! Also, the desk console unfolds to become a dining table, the bench module is personalized with different colored boxes and the sofa is covered with a duvet which brings it more comfort and which will also serve as a blanket to warm the cold evenings winter. Ecmire sofa 999 euros Modular boxes from 89 euros Table lamp 129 euros Quilt for sofa 299 euros

The chair bar

La Redoute Interiors A true nod to the 50s and 60s, this selection of chairs is not exhaustive but reveals the beautiful decorative possibilities for sitting. School chairs in sparkling colors, scoubidou armchair, peasant chairs… the choice is yours!

The bohemian trend is also teasing the decor this summer

La Redoute Interiors Patterns ties, tie and dye, ikat ... soak up textiles while furniture swears by rattan. In real rattan for the indoor or in plastic for the outdoor, the main being that the artisanal spirit reigns supreme in the house. Wing Chair 299 euros

This season again, the Scandinavian style is top of the bill

La Redoute Interiors Expect to see a wave of sweetness sweep through your interior to capsize your heart. Peach pink, water green rub shoulders with geometric patterns, soft materials and blond wood. Tasie rug from 999 euros

This season we will not ignore the vintage style

La Redoute Interiors As the stylist at La Redoute Interiors points out: "the vintage trend is still very strong this season". Dark wooden furniture, tapered legs and graphic patterns appear in the foreground of this trend. Semeon sofa 399 euros Quilda sideboard 849 euros

The vintage dining room

La Redoute Interiors Designer Hugo Traforetti, from the La Redoute Interiors style office, completes the Watford collection with a walnut dining table. We also love the trivets that imitate cement tiles in duck blue and black! Watford table from 229 euros

A bed linen signed Serge Bensimon

La Redoute Interiors For La Redoute Interiors Serge Bensimon created Home Life. Here, you will discover an extremely soft, washed cotton bed set, which features vintage shades and floral patterns inviting you to travel. Pillowcase 12.99 euros Duvet increase from 34.99 euros

Children's bedroom sees life in pink

La Redoute Interiors La Redoute has developed a collection on the theme of the house. Headboards, cupboards, shelves, boxes have a pretty pointed roof that poeticises the toddler's bedroom. And the rattan stands out again but this time it is in the children's room that it enters with the seats and the additional furniture. Selisa bed 299 euros Malu bedside 89 euros Bench 99 euros

A smart and well seen piece of furniture!

La Redoute Interiors Expect to succumb to this storage unit. In addition to displaying beautiful contemporary lines, its background is reversible and can either be red (as in the photo) or be wooden! Anda box spring bed from 499 euros