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Bedroom: I use the end of the bed

Bedroom: I use the end of the bed

To dress the room, we are inspired by hotel rooms and we invest the end of the bed for a style that is both decorative and practical. To help you find inspiration, here are 10 ideas to discover in pictures to exploit the end of the bed.

Library space

Ikea Do you love to read? Why not use a bench at the end of the bed to arrange a few books and magazines that you like to leaf through before sleeping. For optimization, you can also add storage boxes under the bench.

Storage baskets

Ikea Whether it is to dispose of dirty clothes or toys for the youngest, a few large baskets at the end of the bed will be very useful. It will be an ideal solution if your room has a charming style.

A table for breakfast

Paragraph By having a small table at the end of the bed, you will have a practical space to place the breakfast of your pampering Sundays. The rest of the time, a few decorative objects set the tone.

A storage unit

Paragraph If you lack space to store your belongings, you can simply use the end of the bed by arranging a storage unit like a chest of drawers. It is practical and gives a cocoon dimension to your bed.

A stool at the end of the bed

Paragraph To install yourself in order to take your shoes off, a stool at the end of the bed will be very practical and will give a decorative note to your bedroom.

Poufs at the end of the bed

Purpose Rather than opting for a bench or bench, you can also have several poufs that will allow you to put down clothes or sit down to dress. Practical and decorative!

Storage trunks

Fly For an arty atmosphere but still very practical, you can replace the end of the bed with storage trunks that will accommodate bed linen for example.

Wicker trunks

Maisons du monde In this mountain setting, no question of using metal trunks, we prefer large wicker chests that stay in the tone of the room.

Storage boxes

Castorama For a more classic decor, note that storage boxes also work at the end of the bed and will allow you to store papers or lessons when it is a teenage bedroom.