New Collection by Scholtès

New Collection by Scholtès

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With these new products, Scholtès illustrates once again what makes its difference: the concern for excellence. At the end of the year, the brand is presenting Nouvelle Collection and reaffirming its position as a pioneer in high-end but also aesthetic downlights. A perfect alliance between technology and design recognized by the greatest chefs and which we invite you to discover through its few images.

A large cavity oven with titanium + technology

Scholtès This model indeed has a coating made of titanium which prevents dirt from becoming encrusted. It has an optimal volume, a capacity up to 77 liters and 4 levels. An ideal oven for convivial and tasty recipes. Scholtès, SCHXL 1037E D E (BK) large cavity oven, € 1,064

A pyrolysis oven with soft closing

Scholtès Thanks to its almost professional capacities, this model has all the advantages for making dishes like in a restaurant - automatic cycles or even a low temperature function - it has been designed as for great chefs. Scholtès, SCHO 1037ES P pyrolysis oven (BK), € 947

The induction hob

Scoltès With a new serigraphy, Scholtès imagines two finely drawn circles, two right angles, for absolute discretion. And the four power levels give this electronic interface the guarantee of real comfort of use. Scholtès, induction hob, SCH IF 632 CPD B, € 776

The gas hob

Scholtès Five fireplaces, double regulation and easy flame adjustment, thanks to front controls, this table adapts to all container sizes and is ideal for monitoring the cooking of any food. Scholtès, SCHG glass gas table 751 GH, € 660

A high-end efficiency hood

Scholtès Combining high performance and high quality materials, the durable stainless steel filters of this product guarantee optimal suction efficiency for a long time. Its cubic lines and silver gray finishes impose it in a state-of-the-art kitchen or can play the decorative shift in a more classic room. Scholtès, SCHLB 9.8 LAI decorative hood, € 707

A hood that combines aesthetics and performance

Scholtès Designed to fit perfectly into the elegance of the kitchen, both refined and ultra modern, this hood, with its softer lines, becomes, beyond its initial function, a real decorative accessory. Scholtès, SCHLC decorative hood 9.8 LAI, € 707