The wallpaper stages the wall of the headboard

The wallpaper stages the wall of the headboard

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Whether you already have a headboard or not, you can highlight the wall that hosts your bedding with wallpaper. To prove it to you, we suggest you discover 10 rooms magnified by the wallpaper as a headboard.

A wallpaper to set the tone

Purpose By using a wallpaper on the wall of your headboard, you will be able to give the style you want to your room. For example, a mesh wallpaper will give a cocooning atmosphere by accentuating the Scandinavian style of the room.

A graphic wallpaper

Ikea A graphic wallpaper on the wall of your headboard will allow you to give a design style to your room. Here, the wallpaper accentuates the desired graphic style with the bed linen.

An original wallpaper

Ikea You can also think of the wall of your headboard as a work of art and choose to install strips of wallpaper only across the width of the bed to give a feeling of height.

A wallpaper on a wallpaper

Saint Maclou To enhance your bed, you can also play with two wallpapers. The first will fully cover the wall and the second will be placed only in a strip at the level of the bed.

A wallpaper to delimit two spaces

Saint Maclou If the wall of your headboard makes it possible to hide your bathroom, a wallpaper of character will be ideal to differentiate the wall of the bedroom from that of the room which is a few meters behind.

A wallpaper for a chic atmosphere

Kelly Hoppen Some wallpapers will allow you to give a lot of chic to your bed as with this slightly iridescent model which brings a feminine touch to the decor despite the male furniture.

Character wallpaper

Castorama By betting on wallpaper for the headboard wall, you can dare a model of character that would not have suited in total look. It allows a real staging of the bed and makes it the decorative asset of the room.

A wallpaper for a trompe l'oeil headboard

Koziel Here, the padded wallpaper is used to create a trompe l'oeil headboard because if the effect is stunning the wallpaper does not present any relief.

Wallpaper to wake up the room

Castorama Finally, with a nice wallpaper on the wall of your headboard you will wake up the decor in all subtlety to maintain a beautiful harmony in the room.