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Terence Conran in 10 creations

Terence Conran in 10 creations

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** Sir Terence Conran is an English designer born in the early 1930s. Founder of Habitat and The Conran Shop, the know-how of the British designer is as great as the quality of his creations. Terence Conran is the author of the quote "People don't know what they want until they are offered". Is he right ? Discover some of his creations to find out. **

A colorful sofa

Terence Conran Specializing in revisited traditional furniture, Terence Conran also knows how to offer atypical creations. This sofa is the perfect example. It offers a traditional design and a fabric that is as colorful as it is contemporary.

Cocooning according to Conran

Terence Conran Terence Conran also has his version of cocooning. Thanks to light fabrics and honey-colored furniture, it brings comfort and well-being to your bedroom.

Conran's Kitchen

Terence Conran Cooking according to Terence Conran is a real journey back in time. Whether for furniture or utensils, the designer brings up to date the star products of our grandmothers' kitchens.

All in light

Terence Conran Whether classic or offbeat, the lamps in the Conran collection go perfectly with the designer furniture and the ambiance you want to give to your interior.

Merry christmas

Terence Conran Terence Conran is renewed season after season and offers each year its version of the Christmas tree and its ornaments. A magical universe to discover in all its shops.

Urban and trendy

Terence Conran Thanks to a delicious blend of tradition and contemporary, Terence Conran offers living rooms that are both urban and trendy. It's up to you to add your decor!

The armchair

Terence Conran This armchair straight out of the disco years is the star product of Terence Conran. Several coatings and several colors are available so that it can find a place of choice in your home.

A family meal

Terence Conran Terence Conran offers you a dining room to receive all your family or friends. An authentic table which can accommodate 10 to 12 people and which ensures the conviviality of your meals.


Terence Conran Terence Conran revisits the dishes of our grandmothers while adding sobriety and simplicity. A set of matching linens is also available for each collection.


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