Christmas: editorial gift ideas

Christmas: editorial gift ideas

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Dear Santa. Realizing that your time has been precious for the past few days, we decided to make it easier for you. Rather than forcing you to strip our mail, it seemed appropriate to send you a common letter in which all our desires are met. The editorial staff having, on the whole, reached a reasonable age, we have taken care to select gifts that will not conflict with your budget.

The selection of Clémence's gift ideas

Dear Santa, This year, for Christmas, I would like: 1. An old phone because it's better than smartphones; 2. A Mademoiselle Dimanche coffee table to drink my quiet grenadine; 3. A nice bento to bring me small dishes for the lunch break; 4. A little Totoro mug too cute to drink my tea and remind me of my trip to Japan; 5. A valet at night to keep my things tidy.

Anne's selection of gift ideas

The arrival of Christmas awakens in me cravings for light and warmth. First of all, my plants will benefit by gaining height thanks to these ceramic suspensions signed Hübsch (photo 1). Snuggled in my sofa, I will watch the light reflect on these golden wood feathers (photo 2). They are so magical that I will keep them for decoration long after the end of year celebrations! For the studious moments, I will seek comfort by leafing through my photo album in suede (photo 3) in the light of this lamp under the globe, with false airs of candle (photo 4). And for moments of conviviality, I will treat my loved ones to delicious cuisine cooked for a long time in this superb cast iron casserole dish (photo 5).

Sophie's gift selection

Dear Santa, This year, I want to escape! You will not be surprised to see that an air of travel and discovery blows on my list ... It would be very nice of you if you brought me: 1. These pretty colorful gypsy mugs to drink a good steaming tea in the evenings winter; 2. A scratch map of the world to mark each of my discoveries; 3. A small nomad essential oil diffuser, to smell beautiful scents everywhere, practical and even inexpensive (€ 3.95); 4. An Adeline Klam wall lamp (the one you want, I love them all!), To make a little jump in Japan every night after dark; 5. A bamboo steamer basket, to cook rice to perfection like in Asia!

Marie's selection of gift ideas

Dear Santa, Please don't forget my little shoes! If you have no ideas, here are a few: 1. A Mademoiselle Dimanche tripod table lamp because I really like this designer; 2. A Té Heju x Antonin + Margaux table, a very beautiful collaboration, a very beautiful piece of furniture; 3. A "Sweet dreams" cushion, Call me spring x Summer boyfriend, for nights as beautiful as my days; 4. A Ferm Living mug, for elegant tea breaks; 5. A Sonia Cavallini x Silly & Billy notebook, I don't know if I prefer the little cats version or the little swans version but I think I would have even more ideas to note with these notebooks.

Khankeo's selection of gift ideas

Dear Santa, This year, my selection of gift ideas will be white and blue. White as the cover of the book "Arctic" by Vincent Munier (photo 1): the photographer has gathered in this collection his most beautiful pictures taken on the territory of the white wolf. Over the pages, bears, polar foxes, snowy owls are discovered in the vastnesses of the Far North. Closer to home, the Bréhat d'Habitat line is a nod to the Breton island whose name it bears: with this pretty mug that plays with the blue and white stripes of the striped sweater (photo 4), tea breaks take on a holiday air. And for these moments of relaxation to be perfect, what could be better than a natural rattan rocking chair (photo 5)? On the kitchen side, a ceramic cutting board with a mottled pattern (photo 3), as well as a mortar and its acacia pestle (photo 2) will allow me to mince and pound my aromatic herbs with ease, for dishes rich in flavors!

Rémi's selection of gift ideas

Dear Santa, I have been very wise this year. So, I would like: 1. An Ember mug because the cold mug bottoms ... without me! ! 2. A Peleg Design mini-lamp because the iPhone can be romantic! 3. A Darth Vader Sekonik Fan Art poster because I am your Father (Christmas)! 4 An R2-D2 essential oil diffuser The Library Boutique because… that's how it is and that's it! 5. A cash cannon because stealing tickets is fun!


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