10 decorative ideas for a bathroom worthy of a spa

10 decorative ideas for a bathroom worthy of a spa

Do you want a spa bathroom at home? Luxury, calm and pleasure at home are words that make you dream? Sometimes a few decorative tips are enough to transform your interior. gives you 10 decor ideas to create a chic and cocooning atmosphere in your bathroom. Soon, your best spa address will be yours!

A large mirror

Maisons du Monde Far from us the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransforming your bathroom into an "Ice Palace". In the spa, mirrors are often reserved for changing rooms where they set the tone for the place. However, chosen in accordance with the style of your decor, they will immediately bring a chic side to your bathroom, and this is what we are looking for to recreate the undeniable elegance of a home spa. . Choose an original mirror for an even more personal decoration!

A fluffy bathrobe

Spoiler Exit the colorful bath towel! You will bring it back with pleasure to the beach this summer but it no longer has a place in your future spa bathroom. When you arrive at the spa, one of the first wellness rituals after the undressing stage is to wrap yourself in a fluffy bathrobe and wear small slippers. An outfit not necessarily very sexy but which promises moments of pure sweetness!

Scented candles

Suave Note To complement the dim lighting of light fixtures, nothing like scented candles. The glow of their flame brings softness and warmth, while their fragrance will take you on a journey. For a home spa with exotic accents, choose candles with scents of vanilla, coconut or monoi. Otherwise, the smell of clean linen, cotton or wood will also be ideal for perfecting a cocoon atmosphere.

Green plants

Truffaut If some spas have a very minimalist and refined design, most of them do not hesitate to play on the plant to warm the atmosphere. Each style has its own green plant: large bamboo or palm trees for a tropical dimension, succulents or cacti for a very contemporary bathroom, eucalyptus for its retro feel. Remember to choose a container that will showcase the plant: a large ceramic pot, a wooden stepladder or even a hanging terrarium.

A wooden ladder

Tikamoon In the same way that chlorophyll is a detail that counts in the decoration of a home spa, the touches of wood are important. Even if your bathroom is tiled from floor to ceiling, the wood will go perfectly with any other material. The ideal is to bring a decorative element in wood, elegant and design, like a bamboo ladder or a bench, which is not without evoking the relaxing atmosphere of spas.

A hairdresser

Maisons du Monde Who says spa, says treatment or massage. We will not go so far as to recommend that you invest in a massage table to transform your bathroom into a dream spa. However, you need a corner dedicated to your care rituals. The dressing table has everything to please since it is a chic, practical and original piece of furniture. With it, you will have only one desire: to take care of yourself!

Stylish toiletries

Rexa Design Besides the bathrobe, essential to give you the impression of being at the spa, bathroom linen and other bath accessories are essential. You can, for example, roll up your hand towels, just like at the spa! Likewise, store as many of your different beauty products as possible, with their garish colors likely to spoil the concept of the spa bathroom. Choose designer accessories that you can fill with your usual cosmetics.

Relax chair

living4media After the effort (very relative of a most pleasant beauty ritual), comfort! If you are lucky enough to have a sufficiently spacious bathroom, do not hesitate to plan an ultra comfortable seat to enjoy this moment of relaxation again. We can only encourage you to choose a hanging chair, which will give your bathroom a very chic spa look.

A herbal tea corner

Unsplash Regulars know this: almost all spas now offer a relaxation area with a corner where herbal tea is served. What could be better than a detox hot drink to give your body inner well-being? On your dressing table or your bathroom furniture, place a tray with everything you need to enjoy a herbal tea or tea: pretty dishes, your favorite mixture and a few delicacies so as not to spoil anything! So, are you ready to transform your bathroom into a unique, custom spa at home? We prefer to warn you, your friends may be jealous!